Types Of Windows: Which is Better to Choose?

Types of Window: Which is Better to Choose?

Today it is considering that good windows are those that are making of PVC materials. Therefore, in today’s article, we will talk about PVC products. It helps not only to fill the room with natural light. Also, you can create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in a country house or apartment.

Types of PVC windows: classification by frame shape

Thanks to the wide variety of profiles, windows of any design can easily fit into any interior of the room.

The choice of such products is making taking into account the architectural features and functional purpose of the building. Due to the richness of the forms of frames, the most common of which are:

  • rectangular: this form is in high demand among consumers. It is perfect for buildings of any type, from warehouses to cottages or apartments;
  • arched: most in-demand among the owners of country houses. Such windows have a more aesthetic appearance, in comparison with products of a rectangular form, and demand special attention at installation because of the design features;
  • trapezoidal: in appearance, the product of this shape is somewhat reminiscent of the previous version. Except that their design is slightly simpler. As a result of this feature, the procedure for installing windows of this type is less time-consuming. It can be carried out both before and after the work on the interior of the house;
  • round or oval: products of such a specific shape using to realize design fantasies. The main area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication – old houses and attics;
  • bay window: this shape using when there is a need to connect the windows at an angle. This can be due to both the original design solution and the architectural features of the structure.

Note that the material for PVC windows itself is very malleable and allows you to create structures of different shapes. This, combined with the reliability and durability of the PVC profile, allows designers to implement the boldest decisions, thus emphasizing the individuality of the structure.

However, in addition to aesthetic properties, the windows also have a functional purpose – the ability to ventilate the room. That is why, in addition to the shape of the frame, PVC windows are also dividing by the type of sash opening.

Classification of windows by method of opening

  1. Stationary Windows, which is a stationary fixing structure. Windows of this type provide an increase in natural light, and they are using for glazing large areas. As a rule, such products are installing in technical rooms or skyscrapers, where there are devices of forcing ventilation (according to safety requirements). The main advantage of this type of windows is their relatively low cost;
  2. Casement Windows, which have the ability to open both inward and outward, ie in the two most convenient for the consumer directions. Due to its simplicity, this option is one of the most common in the glazing of office or industrial buildings (if required by the permit);
  3. Skylights, the feature of which is that they open only from above. Due to the high level of security, hinged windows are installed, usually in children’s rooms, and their main function is to provide fresh air. The disadvantages of such products include their rather problematic cleaning from the outside;
  4. Swivel-type Windows. Such designs are attributing to the category of the most popular among modern consumers. As the name suggests, such products combine the advantages of revolving and hinged windows. In other words, a person can choose the way he needs to open by fixing the handle in one position or another, which greatly improves the energy efficiency of the house;
  5. Slider Windows, usually installed in rooms with a small area. Windows of this type do not take up much space when opened, but one of the main disadvantages of such products is poor thermal insulation properties. Such constructions are using, mainly, for the glazing of balconies and loggias.

But if you want to buy the really best plastic windows, ask for help from construction companies that specialize in providing such services. Here you will get help not only to calculate the preliminary cost of installation of windows, but also to carry out delivery, and also professional installation of products with the observance of all construction requirements.

Don’t skimp on windows. Use the services of specialists and provide comfort and coziness in your home.

Picture Credit: Pexels