Using The Air Conditioner In The Heat: How Not To Get Sick

Using The Air Conditioner In The Heat: How Not To Get Sick

Usually, in the summer, we escape from the heat in the rooms with the help of an air conditioner, although this device, in fact, is one of the main culprits of colds.

Constantly circulating air dries out the nasal mucosa – a protective barrier against infection, and viruses easily penetrate the body. Transmission of the viruses is especially important during the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, air conditioning is not only dry but also cold. Few people think about how easy it is to get sick in the summer from a conventional air conditioner.

But it turns out that this happens quite often, and simply because some people don’t know how to use the device correctly to maintain normal indoor climate conditions. Check out the helpful tips for using an air conditioner.

Temperature drop

A sharp difference in temperature indicators is dangerous for the body. Do not immediately go out of the room after air-cooled air conditioning. It is better to exit 15-20 minutes after the device is turned off. This will allow the air in the house or office to warm up a bit, and then the sharp difference will not be felt outside. You also need to do it after returning to the room.

Temperature difference

It is necessary to cool the room gradually. The difference in air temperature between the street and the room should not exceed 7-10 degrees. It is advisable that the temperature does not drop 70-75 degrees, because this is the most comfortable mode for the body.

Direct airflow should be avoided

In order not to get sick from the air conditioner, you need to place the device in close proximity to the bed, sofa, or workplace. It is dangerous for the body to be under a direct stream of cold air.

Air conditioner cleaning

Do not forget that the air conditioning system can become contaminated and accumulate bacteria in itself. This can trigger allergies and respiratory diseases. Therefore, you need to regularly clean the filter in the device.

Airing the room

Air conditioning does not deliver fresh air to the room. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly open the window and let a stream of hot, but then fresh air, free from stagnant bacteria in it, enter the room.

Picture Credit: Pixabay