The Easiest Way to Tidy Up Your Apartment

If you are afraid of the thought of another spring cleaning, use this advice.

What is the essence?

Admit that the cleaning effect does not last long. Sooner or later, you have to re-arrange things in their places or throw something away. There is a solution.

Every day, get rid of one thing unnecessary in the house.

It can be some little thing or something broken. In other words, that which only clutters the apartment and does not please the eye at all.

This cleaning will only take a couple of minutes a day. But this will keep the apartment clean in the long run.

How to use this method

1. Determine the timing

Try to follow this method for a month to check its effectiveness. And in order not to forget, hang yourself a sticker with a reminder.

Just do not set out to clean the entire apartment during this period. To get started, just look at the results of your work.

2. Focus on one place or room

Do you have a full to the top closet that you were afraid to approach? Start with it. After all, cleaning one thing a day will not be a big deal for you. When the cabinet is ready, move on to other areas.

3. Don’t skimp on charity

If you have unnecessary things that are in good condition, pack them in a separate package. Perhaps they will be useful to someone else. So you not only clean your house but also bring benefits to those in need.

4. Spot trends

With this method, you will understand which purchases to avoid in the future. Notice that you get rid of many clothes of the same style or the same type of kitchen stuff? So, you are unlikely to want to buy them again.

5. Don’t limit yourself

If you have a taste and can easily get rid of more things, do it. After all, this way you will become even closer to the final goal.

6. Keep up the good work

If you do not throw away unnecessary things, the house will again be a mess. Do not forget about it.

Last few tips

Repeat this pattern of thorough 30-day cleaning can be every couple of months or once a quarter. The frequency and intensity of cleaning depend on the size of your house/apartment and how much everything is started in the house.

In addition to following the timetable and the presented list of actions, it is also important to just put things in place, develop the habit of not littering and scattering things around the house.

Purely not only where they clean, but also where they do not litter (or at least try not to litter).

At first, it will not be easy, but in a month or two it really will take you no more than 20 minutes a day to ensure that the house is clean, tidy and in order.

Picture Credit: Pexels