5 Main Mistakes When Placing Furniture

5 Main Mistakes When Placing Furniture

Not to take into account the dimensions of the room and the location of outlets, to arrange all the furniture along the walls — such failures deprive the room of comfort. We will analyze them and show with examples of how to do better.

Home improvement is not such an easy task, and when arranging furniture, many make mistakes that kill both coziness and comfort. Consider the most popular interior failures.

Mistake 1. Buy all the best at once

Get a grip on yourself in furniture stores. They offer customers such a wide range that an unprepared person just goes around spinning. Often this ends with the purchase of all the things you like. As a result, the room is decorated in a bizarre style of combining incongruous.

How to do better

Remember a simple rule: there can only be one visual center in a room — an object on which the eye focuses. It can be a bright sofa or a super cozy armchair, a beautiful picture on the wall or a lamp of interesting design. All other interior items are secondary, they should not draw attention to themselves. Their task is to emphasize or complement the center of the composition.

Mistake 2. Place all the furniture along the walls.

Today, apartments are much more spacious and the furniture is more compact, but the stereotype that the center of the room should be empty is still alive for some reason.

How to do better

Place a corner sofa in the middle of the room, boldly divide the space with a rack or a table — and you will see how much more comfortable it will become. This arrangement is the easiest way to zoning space.

Mistake 3. Ignore the location of outlets

In pursuit of beauty, people often forget about practicality and arrange furniture, not considering the location and number of outlets. Modern people need them more often than we are used to thinking. To “flip-through” social networks in the morning, read a book or watch a series before going to bed — we almost always need a source of energy at hand to charge gadgets.

How to do better

In order not to get confused in the web of extension cords or not to suffer in an uncomfortable position, waiting for the smartphone or laptop to charge, place the furniture so that later it is convenient to connect the devices to an outlet.

When planning a living space, always start from the functional components: sockets, windows, ventilation, doors. Near the outlet, arrange a place for reading or working with a computer: a bedside table or a coffee table of a convenient size and height and a table lamp will be very useful.

Mistake 4. Trying to fit too much furniture

 As a rule, people who want to place as much furniture as possible in a room are disappointed as a result, because the room becomes like a warehouse. Wading between the sofa and the coffee table, regularly tripping over the leg of the latter, is a so-so pleasure (and it can also be very painful).

How to do better

Even a large room will turn into a small mink if you put in it all the possible variations of furniture. There should be “air” in the room, so leave only the necessary in it. For small spaces, transformer furniture is an excellent outlet.

Mistake 5. Do not take into account the dimensions of the room

Focusing only on your own taste when buying furniture is not very reasonable. For example, placing dark interior items in a room with a low ceiling will make it visually closer, which, of course, has little to do with comfort.

How to do better

Your choice is compact furniture in neutral light shades. The proper placement of the curtains will also help to visually increase the height: choose wider pieces of fabric and hang as high as possible.

Do not make these mistakes do not be afraid to experiment — and your apartment will become not just a home, but a comfortable home, where it is always pleasant to return.

Picture Credit: Unsplash