How to Set Up a Perfect Room For a Teenager

How to Set Up a Perfect Room For a Teenager

What to do when the wallpaper with cute little animals doesn’t look relevant, the bed is small, and the game area smoothly moved towards the computer or game box.

1. Listen to the wishes of the owner of the room

If the design of the nursery is usually only done by parents, then the teenager’s room is his own space of an almost-formed personality who wants to be an adult and express his opinion. Therefore, if you do not want to miss the choice of furniture, curtains, and wallpaper, it is better to listen to the owner of the room and make a list with his wishes.

2. Provide convenient storage

Make a reliable contribution to the future and install a spacious wardrobe for clothes with the appropriate internal content: drawers, rods, shelves. Especially if you want to accustom your teenager to the neat storage of clothes and do not want to see t-shirts and jeans scattered throughout the room. It is very convenient when the internal elements of the cabinet are easy to transform change the height of the shelves and rods, adapting to the changing height of the child, and also vary their number.

3. Equip a space for video games

Teenagers often spend a lot of time in front of a computer or game console. It is pointless to deal with this, therefore it is better to create a convenient zone for video games in the room. If a teenager prefers to play on the console, it is very important to think about where and at what height the TV will be placed. The distance to the screen should be calculated in proportion to the diagonal of the device.
Remember that the eyes should look in the center of the screen. If you place the TV above or below the line of sight, you have to throw back or lower your head.

4. Create a work area

The workplace should not only be comfortable but also set up the student in a serious way. Where is it better to put a desktop? Where the teenager will not distract from classes: away from the TV and other devices that make you switch your attention. The ideal solution is to set the table in front of the window. The fact is that any artificial lighting is an additional burden on the eyes. Therefore, it is very good if it is possible to place a workplace under the window or next to it. If the height of the window sill allows (75–78 cm from the floor), you can “increase” it by turning it into a full-fledged table.

5. Consider a place to store school supplies

Textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils and dozens of school supplies all this needs a separate place. The simpler and more compactly organized the system of storage of school things, the easier it is to maintain order in it. You can pay attention to the shelves for the nursery from IKEA, in which part of the shelves may have an open structure, and part is designed with facades or in the form of boxes. In the future, if the need for drawers disappears, they are easy to remove, thereby adding the usual open shelves for books.

6. Consider using gadgets

A teenager’s room is a mass of various gadgets that require many chargers and, as a result, wires. If you do not want them to entangle the entire room, think in advance about the proper location of the outlets. They can be placed on two levels. Lower 20-30 cm from the floor. Upper directly behind the TV screen. Both levels are connected using a cable duct integrated into the wall.

You can deal with the chaos of chargers using a USB outlet with a built-in adapter. Modern companies offer a lot of modifications. The outlet can be single or double, a conventional power outlet with an additional USB connector, equipped with a switch. There are models with special stands for gadgets.

7. Plan a zone to chat with friends

Agree: it’s not very nice when guests sit on the bed. If your teenager has many friends whom he is happy to invite to his place. It’s time to equip a cozy lounge area with a comfortable sofa. In such a space it will be comfortable to read, watch TV and communicate.

Picture Credit: Unsplash