Simple Ways to Protect Your Home from Coronavirus

Simple Ways to Protect Your Home from Coronavirus

Various circumstances may force us to leave our home during the coronavirus pandemic season, which increases the risk of pathogens entering the home.

How to protect your apartment? Experts have listed simple ways.

Coronavirus can remain contagious on some surfaces for up to three days. Touching them with your hand and then touching the face, a person runs the risk of getting sick. One of the easiest ways to protect your home from the penetration of coronavirus is to daily wipe all surfaces in the home interior.

First of all, those that are touched especially often should be cleaned. Such cleaning should be carried out with gloves, which should then be disinfected. Hands should be washed thoroughly with soap.

It is also important to clean the door handles. They are recommended to be wiped with a disinfectant or soap solution twice a day. In addition, you need to disinfect the door handles, intercom buttons, elevator buttons.

Daily cleaning of the bathroom and the toilet is also included in the “protection program” of the house against coronavirus (nevertheless, the moist, warm environment of these rooms favors the growth of bacteria and viruses). Cleaning gloves should be separate here.

Among the listed ways to protect housing from the penetration of coronavirus, there is the use of individual sets of things by family members. Let each person in the house have an exceptional personal set of dishes, cutlery, towels, bed linen.

In addition, you need to ventilate the room as often as possible. Viruses reproduce more easily in enclosed spaces with poor air circulation – ventilation prevents this. In addition, it helps moisturize the mucous membranes of the mouth, throat, and nose, which helps the body better reflect the attacks of pathogens.

Watch for clothes. The one used to go outside should not be in contact with other things. Everything that can be washed should be washed immediately after returning home from crowded places.

Another tip is to use disposable handkerchiefs. They must be disposed of immediately after use, preferably in a bin with a lid.

Picture Credit: Pexels