5 Steps to Prepare for Remodeling Your Home

5 Steps to Prepare for Remodeling Your Home

From the outside, it seems complicated and frightening, because you need to take into account a bunch of nuances, apply knowledge that is not there. It is not difficult to paste wallpapers – it is difficult to make a cozy house out of a faceless apartment. But the whole process becomes much more understandable and practical, if you divide it into several stages. We’ll talk about that.

1. The idea
Any project according to the law of the genre should begin with a brilliant idea. Since you are the only designer of your interior, you will be able to realize your own ideas about beauty, harmony and comfort.

At this stage, you need to answer the main question: “What is a house for you?”. A fortress, an island of tranquility and relaxation, a business card, or maybe an ideal place to receive guests.

You can clarify other parameters: how important the storage system is, should there be a lot of light, what textures make me feel right at home. So the concept is born.

2. Organization of space
The second stage is the layout of the room. On any scale, whether it is an entire apartment or just a separate room, you need to mark the room, including all the main areas in it. For example, a living room in a dvushka is at the same time a room for meeting friends, a study, and your relaxation area.

“Twist” in their head and on paper options for their neighborhood. What should be closer to the window – dining table or work? Where to put the shelves? What about armchairs? How to better place them, given that gatherings take place often enough?

Do I need transformer items? This is a standard step for any interior designer. A kind of technical task.

3. The visual range
Once all the necessary items are arranged and you have decided on your expectations, start picking up a visual series. This can be done on paper, inspiration boards, in Photoshop (if you own it) or on collage services.

One of the easiest to manage is Polyvor. They have a department for interior collages. Here you can and should collect pictures, interior items and details that relate to your dream home. Do not be afraid if the collage looks overloaded. Your task: create a concentrated squeeze of ideas.

4. We enter into the room
Now we need to fit the concept into the room. Try to “fit” what you want to see into what you have. Corrections are made by the small area of ​​the room (you can’t accelerate the number of pieces of furniture), the height of the ceilings (be careful with saturated and dark shades), the shape of the room and their number, etc. By the way, small and visually “flat” spaces become more interesting if You will play with light sources and mirrors.

5. A dream come true
It is time for repair. Good check for all of its members. In the two previous steps, you need to decide what materials you will use. Whether you make repairs yourself or pay builders, but each of the coatings requires its preparation, and it is advisable to calculate this in advance.

Regarding water and electrical communications, it is worth talking with a specialist (how and where to pipe, where to make outlets and how to hide the wiring optimally). If you can lay the tiles yourself, then it is better not to joke with wires and pipes.

When buying furniture and decoration, first of all order doors, laminate / parquet and oversized furniture. The rest is bought on a “general to private” basis.

And the last tip: you are not a professional designer, your deadlines are not on, so allow yourself to pay more attention to trifles. Do not rush to buy everything at once (even if the budget allows).

Moreover, do not do this in one store. Each piece of furniture in the house should cause internal satisfaction that you have hit the mark, chosen what you wanted. To do this, you need to find something (perhaps somewhere in the flea market or on the Internet), and something to do with your own hands.

And this is not scary either. No gods burn pots. It is truly joyful to live in a house where everything is done with soul and love.

Picture Credit: Pixabay