How to Remove Any Mattress Stain

How to Remove Any Mattress StainOver time, on almost any surface in our house, various spots and contaminants appear. When the surface is smooth, it is much easier to remove spots from it than with one that does not differ in this smoothness.

Here is the surface of the mattress. No matter how we care for him, still quite often various spots appear on him. Today, you can easily buy a new mattress (how to choose, read here), if you have already seriously launched your own.

But is it worth it to spend a lot of money if you can try to bring these stains away? At the same time, we will do this by our own, home remedy.

Remove stains on the mattress
This article is rather an addition to the previous one. There are already several different options that will help you clean the mattress from various contaminants.

I also advise you to study it, perhaps there you will find a more acceptable option for cleaning your mattress. Now, let’s learn how to prepare a simple home remedy that will help us solve this problem today.

We will not use any chemistry in this case, but again we will get by with simpler and more reliable components. This tool is quite capable of removing various spots, for example, from urine, blood, wine and others.

We will cook it from hydrogen peroxide. This will be the main active ingredient. Its concentration should be 3 percent and we need 235 ml of it. In addition to peroxide, this simple stain remover includes several more, the same simple and affordable components.

This is baking soda (pour 3 tablespoons of it into the peroxide) and a drop of any liquid soap, or this soap can be replaced, for example, with another liquid that you are currently using to wash dishes.

It is necessary to prepare such a stain remover for the mattress immediately before its use. So you will increase its overall effectiveness. You do not need to prepare such a tool in advance. Otherwise, we simply won’t get the effect we need, because when storing such a stain remover, it seriously loses some of its properties.

It’s best to immediately find a spray bottle and cook it all in it. I think you will not have problems with such a capacity. You can take a simple plastic bottle and screw the atomizer into it, which can be easily bought in stores today.

In this bottle, you will need to mix the soda in hydrogen peroxide first. Wait until it dissolves there, preferably, of course, for this to happen completely.

Only after that you will need to drip there liquid soap or other similar means. After that, you can already use our home stain remover.

We simply spray it onto the stains with a spray gun and leave this composition on the mattress for 5 or 10 minutes. In this short time, the stain will have time to dry, and those stain removers that have not been absorbed into the mattress can simply be removed with a vacuum cleaner. That’s the whole simple procedure.

Do not forget that the mattress needs to be cleaned regularly. You do the laundry after a certain period of time. But when changing it, do not forget about the mattress. So it will always be clean and fresh.

Picture Credit: congerdesign