A Bathroom Remodeling Checklist

A Bathroom Remodeling Checklist

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Repair in the bathroom can turn into a real construction site: plumbing, electrical wiring, finishing tiles … Do lots! We want to help you in everything to understand and for this we have prepared a short list of the necessary cases.

How can you plan and implement ideas with ease, so that everything goes smoothly? Are you ready to proceed? 3, 2, 1, start the repair!

Decide what you need
Before you start planning repairs in the bathroom, decide what you need, and think about exactly how you will use this room.

Important questions:

  • Who will use the bathroom? How many people are in the family?
  • What are you dreaming about? What are your expectations?
  • What are the possibilities of the space in which you plan to repair?

Identify the limitations of space

First of all, decide on the spatial limitations that your bathroom can impose. Now is the right moment to make measurements in the bathroom and check whether the dimensions of the chosen furnishings match the size of the room.

Important questions:

  • What are the restrictions associated with a dwelling or a building? (bearing walls, etc.)
  • Where are the sewers and drains? Can I move them?

Calculate the total budget

Plan all repairs, purchase of equipment and payment for the repair team if you decide to hire assistants. Write down everything that you plan to do during the repair, with the appropriate costs. This will allow you to have an accurate idea of ​​the total cost of the work that you intend to undertake and develop an adequate financial allocation plan.

At this stage you can ask for help from professionals who will surely remind you that it is necessary to check the guarantees provided by your insurance company in case of problems during the repair.

Check ventilation and heating

Due to the high humidity level of the bathroom, ventilation are required. The lack of proper ventilation spoils the air in the room, the towels do not have time to dry out, and the paint and furniture come into disrepair. Check the condition of the central exhaust system and, if necessary, install an additional hood so that the air is constantly updated.

With regard to heating, check the presence of a heat source and a heating system. Adjust the power according to the size of the room.

Repairing existing equipment

Cosmetic repair – a good opportunity to check the condition of the premises, for example, walls or sewage. If necessary, call the plumber. Now the most successful moment is to repair or replace the supply and discharge pipes.

Do not forget about the electrical equipment: it’s time to think about the arrangement of switches and sockets, as well as their purpose (furniture, mirror with illumination, etc.) Attention! It is important to follow the rules: the distance from the electrical outlet or the switch to the water source is strictly regulated.

Make a phased plan

Try to record all the work and the time necessary for their execution (if necessary, contact the professionals). Always lay more time, because During repair, unforeseen difficulties often arise. It is important to remember that it is impossible to start tile works before the completion of plumbing work. It is important to follow the sequence of work.

Bathroom Style

Harmonious ensemble

Think about the overall style of your bathroom: a combination of materials, textures and colors and plumbing furniture. Repairs in the bathroom are statistically conducted every 15 years, so you need to choose the right materials to create a durable bathroom that will suit your tastes.

Start from the floor and walls

Repair in the bathroom is often associated with the replacement of flooring. Tiles, mosaics or polished concrete are very popular for finishing the bathroom floor. Walls also often require repair: painting, new wallpaper, wall panels or tiles, for example, in the shower area.

In a small space, make the floor darker than the walls. Changing the texture or pattern can create the impression of a more spacious room. For an elongated room, use a wide tile.

Think it all down to the finish

Create perfect lighting

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Even if you have not started the renovation in the bathroom, think in advance about the finish. This is a good idea before starting work. Think about accessories, mirrors, towel holders, and also about the future finish, in order to fulfill the planned at the right time. And now the design of the room is looming …

Create perfect lighting

For good bathroom lighting, it is better to provide 3 separate light sources. Direct bright light above the mirror or muffled light for a pleasant atmosphere, when you take a bath – everything is possible. The more light sources, the more functional the bathroom lighting. Do not forget about energy savings: LED or energy saving lamps are your best allies.

Surround yourself with reliable allies

If you are not confident in your abilities in terms of design and design space, as well as installation of equipment, call for help from specialists. With an assistant this is easier, repair will go faster, and you will have more ideas. If any tasks are too complicated, contact the professionals – the result is guaranteed!

Make a shopping list

Before you begin to repair, you need to choose the materials, accessories and goods that you need. A detailed description of the bathroom with the exact plan (equipment, plumbing, dimensions, articles, connection height) will avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of installation. Your description should also contain technical specifications, installation instructions, etc.


And now it’s time to enjoy the results of fresh bathroom renovation. From now on, you can indulge yourself indefinitely, quickly gather in the morning or take a break after a hard day – all thanks to the convenience of the new premises.