How To Create Your Own At-Home Yoga Studio

How To Create Your Own At-Home Yoga StudioPicture Credit: jeviniya

Yoga has recently become very popular. Some people adjust their whole life to this ancient Indian philosophy. However, it is not always possible to go to the gym, and sometimes you just do not want to go anywhere to get all the benefits of yoga. The solution is very simple – to equip a place to practice yoga right at home.

Interior in a home yoga studio

The interior of the room where yoga is planned is very important. Only calm pastel and light colors can help to relax. Bright, flashy elements annoy and excite. And this is detrimental to meditation and practice. The color range should be from coffee to pale beige. The sky blue color can also be adjusted to the desired mode. Do not use a yellow color, even if it seems soft: a yellow color on the walls can lead to some mental disturbance, and this is exactly the goal that is pursued during yoga. Also prevent unnecessary items in the room: a lot of figurines or bulky things.

Space has a decisive role in the design of a place for yoga: there must be enough space for performing any asanas. As for the light, it must be muffled and distracted. Small lamps will be just right. The most ideal option for finishing is a tree: on the walls and on the floor.

Paul, incidentally, you can make a carpet with soft nap. Natural woolen carpets are highly not recommended: they can be torn off the skin. A laminate of light colors can be used as a floor covering. If the walls will also cover the tree, then you need to pick them up in color to each other. Parquet or a board will not work, as it is fraught with splinters. They do not always serve as flawlessly as long as the laminate, and the bare spaces in the tree can meet more often than you would like. Linoleum or tile will not work because they are cold and not always pleasant to the touch. And lying on them during the exercises will have the whole body. This will prevent complete relaxation. For filling with light, you can make glass walls, or at least more windows. This is an expensive pleasure, and not everyone wants to live “in the aquarium,” but this is very much for the practice of yogis. In this room, and breathe easier.

Fresh air and cleanliness

Fresh air and cleanliness

Picture Credit: lograstudio

According to yogis, bathing can cleanse the body from the inside, but only asanas and pranayama can clean it from the inside. And only a person with a clean body will be able to purify his soul. That’s why the yoga room should always be cleaned: dust should not be anywhere, because prolonged inhalation of its particles can lead to serious illnesses. And the air in the room should be fresh and clean.

The room should be regularly ventilated. In modern apartments, air stagnates very much, and this “clogs up” the lungs and practically nullifies the breathing exercises of yogis. Unfortunately, clean air in modern cities is scarce, but it’s still better than nothing. The installation of an air purifier and ionizer in an apartment can be an excellent option. You can arrange around the perimeter of the room plants that will purify the air.

Do I need a clock?

The clock in the yoga room is not a mandatory accessory. However, they can be very useful. With their help, you can count the time of training or individual exercises. Some wall and floor clocks can work in the timer mode, which will signal the passage of every 15 minutes. Someone uses an hourglass during classes. Of course, this is a very beautiful and canonical object in a room of this purpose. They can even add comfort and pleasantly rustle with poured sand.

Bay window as a place for asanas

Many people try to make a cozy interior from the bay window, but not always successfully.

TheĀ bay window is a part of the room that projects beyond the plane of the facade. It allows to increase the interior space of the dwelling, as well as to improve its illumination and insolation, in connection with which the bay window is usually glazed, often around the perimeter.

All the requirements that are imposed on the room for practicing Indian practice, are perfectly met when using a bay window. This place gives a sense of privacy, there is always a lot of light and air. It will be perfect if it goes east or northeast. It is necessary to try to make it as comfortable as possible, so that everything has to relax and meditate.

Solitude on the balcony

For the same purpose, you can use a large balcony. They are not always large enough, but it is possible for you to be so lucky. Its advantages are the same as those of the bay window: light, air and privacy. I’ll have to try to make it out, but it will be worth it. It is very important that you do not feel cold during class on the balcony. It would be nice if he was carefully insulated, if you want to conduct classes here. Cold does not have much to do with effective work: you can not relax completely. And also, the body heated during exercise can react to freezing by cold or stretching of muscles.

Little things for the mood

It is very important to find the right accessories to create the right mood. Small soft cushions, as well as props and a rug must be present in the room where you plan to practice. Purchase the incense that you like. There are no obligatory smells, under which you can practice yoga. You also need things that will inspire you. It can be a beautiful landscape or Buddha statues. Everyone has his own source of inspiration! Music has an important role in yoga. So make sure that there is a turntable in the room that will fill your room with enchanting sounds and your mind. A large mirror will help you keep track of the correctness of the execution of positions.