How Do You Reduce Dust When It’s Everywhere?

My house is dusty

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Cleaning in the house refers to those types of cases that need to be performed regularly. Already after several hours after putting in order, the ideally washed surface is covered with a dust layer, and everything has to start again. To clean less often, you need to do it in the right order and take steps to reduce the amount of dust in the house – to seal windows and doors, wash shoes and wash clothes in time, and use modern air purification technologies.

In fact, dust is the result of human activity. How to get rid of dust? The struggle must be waged on all fronts: plastic windows (reduce the flow of dust from the street), cleaners and humidifiers. Daily cleaning in the house will quickly turn into a useful habit if you approach it creatively, and it does not require any special effort – every day to wash the floors, windows and vacuuming is not necessary.

The most important method to combat dust is still the daily wet cleaning of the house. How to turn a routine into a quick and easy procedure?

First, allocate places for the greatest accumulation of dust. This is computer technology, TV; carpets and carpets; curtains; skirting boards and corners of rooms; smooth surfaces; stuffed toys.

Daily house cleaning includes the following: wipe with a damp cloth all horizontal surfaces – shelves, tables, kitchen countertops, window sills. You can use special tools to remove dust, they will delay the appearance of a new layer. Pass a wet rag along the skirting boards and corners.

Cleaning of dust from napped surfaces. Carpets are bad and it is better to get rid of them, but if you are not yet able to do this, regularly take care of them using special means.

Curtains, soft toys should be periodically washed (toys more often because children are actively involved with them). TV and monitor wipe with special napkins, cleaning the system unit is done by vacuuming. All these activities will not take long, but they will ensure your life without noise and dust.

How Do You Reduce Dust When It's Everywhere?

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A number of important rules for the cleaning:

1. Begin cleaning from the upper parts of the interior (ceiling lamps, baguettes), then go to the countertops, window sills, interior parts of the lockers and finish washing the floors and vacuuming the carpets or carpet.

2. Be sure to perform a wet cleaning, wiping the soiled areas with a damp cloth. The use of dry will not give a result, because the dust will rise up and dissipate in the air, and then spread throughout the apartment. In addition, a dry cloth can leave damage and scratches on the surface of the furniture.

3. Do not overlook the ceilings, they also accumulate dust. If tension structures are installed, they can be gently wiped with a damp cloth. Similarly, it is possible to remove dust from ceilings that are tiled or painted with paintable materials that allow washing.

4. It is advisable to wash all shoes that are exposed openly (stored without boxes or any other packaging). On the soles of street shoes or boots, a lot of dirt and sand is brought into the apartment. But also on fluffy house slippers, dirt accumulates over time, so they should be periodically washed.