How To Plan Your Personal Budgeting

How to Create a BudgetDownload the Budget Planning App

This will allow you to identify the main items of expenses, look “in the eye” of shopping weaknesses and finally see the real picture of your income and expenses. Money Lover, Money Manager, Money Wallet – choose any application convenient for you and try to use it from the beginning of the month when you will receive the next salary.

The main thing in this business is not to give up in the middle of the path and carefully write down all the expenses (even sheer trifles!) In the application. Who knows, maybe you will find many discoveries about the state of your finances.

Start saving!

The golden rule of our mothers – to save 10-15 percent of salary “on the day of pay” on a rainy day – really works. Most likely, this amount will not make the weather a big picture of financial well-being, but the realization of the fact that in 12 months you will accumulate a tidy sum that you can spend on a luxury trip (or the “vintage” handbag from Chanel) or put in a bank at good interest, it will warm you on winter evenings. Checked!

Redefine Shopping

Shopping is love (when sales begin!) To have more pleasant sensations than disappointments, we advise you to adhere to the following three rules:

  • Firstly, always make shopping lists so as not to buy too much.
  • Secondly, on the sales pay attention to the basic things (shirts, MChP, blazers, jeans, classic shoes, and accessories), and not trendy knick-knacks.
  • And thirdly, discover online shopping: sometimes in cool online stores, there are very convenient applications – three classic gray t-shirts for the price of two and stuff like that.

Wake up the culinary genius in yourself

The cult of breakfasts, ordering food at home, “another cocktail” in the bar, and dinners in trendy restaurants are probably on your spending list. And on this point, we also have a couple of tips for you.

By installing a capsule coffee machine at home and preparing yourself an espresso or cappuccino in the morning, you will save a lot, and you will soon forget about the coffee-to-go ritual. Try to take food to work a couple of times a week (just start cooking exactly one – lunch – more portions). This will not only help you advance in the art of saving but also – who knows! – will bring you closer to the loss of those extra pounds.

Try to save on trifles

Do you order a taxi to the supermarket, although you could take a walk on foot with health benefits? Are you buying another camel coat on sale, although two of his twin brothers are gathering dust in the closet? Do you order food from a restaurant, although you know for sure that you could have cooked exactly the same dish a hundred times tastier?

Each of us will have an impressive list of expenses that happen simply because from time to time we … are lazy. And in this case, laziness is not an engine of progress. By the way, life hack for those who are driving!

Clean up the collection of discount cards

How often did you come across the fact that when “punching” a purchase at the checkout, you realized that you could pay 7 percent of the cost less if you had a discount store card with you? Exactly!

Allocate one and a half hours on a day off and finally restore order in the discount cards and the Wallet application, where the online versions of these cards are stored. Put in the wallet (both real and virtual) only the most necessary, and send the rest to wait in the wings.

Picture Credit: VistaCreate