How to Generate More Good Ideas

How to Generate More Good IdeasSurely, you have often encountered a lack of inspiration, and the muse did not want to visit your thoughts. Management requires new knowledge, family life has reached a dead end, and communication with friends has ceased to give pleasure. Most likely, you need to reboot and generate new ideas. Several creative techniques contribute to the acceleration of mental activity, help find solutions from any, even the most difficult life situations and remove the psychological block. So, let’s begin.

How to think creatively and create new breakthrough ideas
1. Everyone knows the brainstorming – the creative method of team play. Lost the inspiration? Invite your friends to dinner and offer to play. You will need to assemble a team consisting of at least three people, formulate the problem and give 15 minutes to analyze it. After a while, each participant will share their own opinions, and you will be able to be inspired by new ideas.

2. Attack on the brain – a game for several participants. Ask a specific question or clearly identify the problem. Then each of the participants should establish the negative and positive aspects of this issue. The method is suitable for solving specific problems. Having considered the opinions of other people, you can see the problem from the other side and change the negative attitude to the situation.

3. The Matrix of Opportunities (done alone). Formulate the problem and write down on a sheet of paper, as many solutions as possible to solve it. Do not hesitate to write even the most ridiculous and seemingly unrealistic options. So you focus on resolving the issue and will soon be able to fix the problem.

4. The essence of the next method is to write down several solutions to the problem and edit them from the very opposite side. The method is called “Flip”. So, write down everything that comes to mind when you think about solving your question. Replace the written phrases with the opposite ones, with the help of antonyms. Ask yourself, under what conditions are the inverted word combinations can become a reality? Thus, you will be able to look at your complexes and problems from the positive side, and their decision will not be long in coming.

5. Creating ideas from scratch – finding associations. The essence of the technique is to find as many associations as possible to the given object. Useful for people of creative professions and helps to restore creative thinking. State the problem, question, or designate the object. Think of as many synonyms as possible. It will be useful to apply the technique to the team. So you can remember the ideas of others. It is important to say the first thing that comes to mind.

6. Phil is an interesting technique that allows you to seek advice from real or fictional characters. You can play in a team or yourself. Carrying out the technique alone, try to reason as an interesting character, a family member, friend or colleague would reason with. Playing in a team, participants must perform a role and think like a character he has envisioned. It is important to provide the player with information about the person whose role he plays. Thus, it will be easier to solve the problem.

7. Kipling’s method is to analyze the problem using questions: what, where, why, when, who and how. You can conduct the analysis yourself or play in the team. After answering the main questions, go to the additional questions: how many, where else, for what period, why, when it happened, and others. You will be surprised when questions and answers to them will be formed by themselves. The result is that you can view the situation from completely different sides, which leads to a complete analysis of the problem.

As you can see, if you already know how to think creatively, then use 7 proven techniques for inspiration and creation of creative ideas: brainstorming, brainstorming, matrix of possibilities, revolution, search for associations, fila, Kipling method.

Picture Credit: jarmoluk