How to Organize, Plan and Prepare for a Household Move

How to Organize, Plan and Prepare for a Household MoveThey say that one move is equal to two fires. Moving to a new house is incredibly difficult. But probably. Especially if you adopt a few simple rules.

Get rid of unnecessary things in advance. All unnecessary things sorted into groups: “throw out”, “give away” and “sell”. Naturally, all this takes a lot of time: to take photos, advertise on well-known resources, meet with buyers. But, selling some of the unnecessary things, you can easily pay back the transfer.

Make a plan for moving. It will depend on how you decide to move. Will you independently collect things and furniture, transport, who will help you in this, etc. By the way, about the assistants. There are the following options:

Help friends. This is the cheapest option for moving. However, experience shows that just on the day of the move, friends of different kinds of force majeure can happen, and you will remain without helpers;

Assistance of transport companies. Such firms can be found on the Internet, and the range of their services can be extensive, up to the packing and unpacking of personal belongings. If you want to use the full range of services, the firm will send you a manager who will estimate the amount of work and calculate the estimated cost to you. Just before the day of moving you will be provided with the necessary quantity of packing materials, and on the day of moving you may not even be present, leaving the keys to the employees of the company. Over the time, they will pack your things (including antiques and works of art), collect and pack furniture, transport them, and in a new place they will sort out furniture and things, removing the used packing materials. You can order a full range of services: only packaging, unpacking furniture and transporting furniture and things.

Get a notebook. Everything related to the move must be recorded and saved in one place. For this, a notepad or an ordinary notebook is suitable. Divide it as you like. In one part, write down all contacts: loaders-carriers, at the address of the new place of residence – plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc. In the other part, write a list of the cases that you need to do before moving, during and after, as well as a list of purchases related to the move.

Buy everything you need to move. If you decide to collect your personal items on your own, you will need packing material: bags, bags, boxes. This can all be purchased on the market or in a construction supermarket. You can also purchase a special carry-on for the wardrobe. It looks like a box with a rail for tremps. Do not forget to also buy several rolls of adhesive tape to seal the boxes.

Collect the essentials. Select 2-3 boxes or bags for those things that you will need in the first days after moving. In these boxes, be sure to put all the documents and necessary papers, clothes and bedding for the first days, dishes, hygiene items, as well as everything you need to work (if you work at home). When you will load all the things into the car, you will put the boxes with essential items that you collected first to get the last ones and put them in a prominent place.

Do not forget about stickers. Get pre-bright stickers. You will need about a hundred. On them you will write what lies in each box and in each bag. Stick stickers with the same entries should be on each side of the box or bag. Then you do not have to turn them around and rearrange them, and you will quickly find everything you need. Examples of entries on the sticker: “Kitchen. Utensils” or “Bedroom. Bed linen.”

Take care of yourself. Most of the work related to the move falls on the shoulders of a woman. We need to find carriers, and collect and disassemble things, and still feed everyone and leave clean after themselves. A man gets only physically hard work and the financial side of the matter. Nevertheless, do not take too much. For example, you can not cook food, but order ready meals or eat at a cafe. Cleaning in the apartment, if you need to keep it clean, should not be done either. Hire professionals to clean, which will restore order.

After you transport all the things, it is not necessary to immediately rush them to place them in their places. Give yourself time to relax and unwind. Get tipsy, go for a massage, go shopping to find some nice trinkets for a new home. The more you pamper yourself, the less will be affected by the stress received when moving, on the impressions of living in a new place.

Picture Credit: congerdesign