Interesting Facts About The Piano

Interesting Facts About The PianoPianoforte is a keyed stringed instrument with a horizontal (piano) or vertical (piano) arrangement of strings. The sound of the piano is greatly influenced by its design, from the XVIII century. undergone significant changes.

The piano is traditionally considered a very cumbersome instrument.

Even the smallest specimens are quite large, so when you buy a tool, you think about delivering it to your apartment or house. Delivery of the piano is a serious matter, therefore it should be entrusted only to those who do it regularly and qualitatively. But of course, there are exceptions, invented by resourceful Japanese.

Professionals from the Japanese toy corporation have released a fully functional mini-piano model. This option has very modest dimensions, which are seventeen centimeters in height and about twenty-five in width. The width of each of the keys on this instrument is not more than five millimeters. You can play on such an instrument only with the help of a special electronic device that comes with the kit.

At all times the piano was an indicator of the level of culture of its owners, and sometimes even some important attribute.

Piano in the XIX century were so popular in America that pianists constantly lacked. Playing the piano was very fond of Texas cowboys. They were discerning listeners. In one of the saloons of Austin at the beginning of the XX century stood a piano with a sign: “Please do not shoot the pianist. He plays as he can. ” In order to meet the demand for piano music, the American engineer E. S. Wotay in 1897 invented pianola – a mechanical device that pressed the keys and pressed on the pedals. The melody could be chosen by installing a removable drum with pegs, as in a barrel organ.

Another interesting fact is that piano concerts are loved not only by people, but also by some representatives of the animal world. In history, there are cases when such concerts were held specially for animals for charitable purposes. During their conduct, a very calm state and behavior of the animals was noted, which gives reason to believe that music has a beneficial effect on them.

The expression “tickle the ivorys” means playing on the white ivory pianoforte keys, but ivory is not used to make the keys since the 50s of the last century (since then they are plastic).

Over the past 100 years, about 5,000 piano manufacturers have appeared on the market, but fewer than a hundred have survived to this day. Nevertheless, so far, individual copies of most of the missing brands have been in operation. In the process of making hull and mechanics Pianos glue thousands of wooden parts; Felt, deer skin, steel, cast iron, copper and other materials are also used.

Paul Janko (Austria) designed a six-tier keyboard – it’s easier to play fast passages and arpeggios than on a regular keyboard.

The most expensive of the sold grand pianos is the Steinway model Z, which belonged to John Lennon. He was bought from the auction by British singer George Michael for $ 2.1 million. Lennon in his time gave him $ 1,500.

The most expensive of the pianos manufactured is the exclusive Swarovski. It is sprinkled with more than 9000 hand-cut crystals in gilded frames; the smallest crystals are interspersed with the lacquer coating – the piano is surrounded by radiance and shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. In addition, it gives a great sound. The exact price of the instrument is unknown; it is made in a single copy and has not yet been put up for sale.

All musical tones have an ideal relationship with other notes. The challenge is that you need to tune every note such that it sounds as good as possible in many different combinations as possible. Tuning a piano isn’t that easy, and that is why you must get the help of a professional piano tuner to help you.

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