Fancy Wallpaper Design Ideas to Revive Your Home

Fancy Wallpaper Design Ideas to Revive Your HomeThanks to wallpapers you can hide any imperfections of the walls. By choosing this technique for renovating the flat you have the opportunity to choose many combinations of colors and patterns. Wallpaper (especially washable) is perfect for renewing damaged furniture, such as kitchen or bathroom cabinets. When buying a wallpaper, pay attention not only to its color or pattern, but also to its functional features, such as: resistance to washing, resistance to light, the difficulty of removing it from the wall, ease of matching the pattern. If you plan to put it only for 2-3 years, choose plain paper, and when you want it to serve you longer, buy more durable.

3D wallpaper
They revive the wall with unusual patterns. They look original and give unusual three-dimensional effects. They use geometric, surrealistic, abstract patterns, they create an impression of space. However, remember to preserve the decorative “restraint” and plan their location well. If the wallpaper has a highly contrasting geometric pattern, such as black and white, it is worth sticking to only one wall in the selected room. Also, do not be stuck with too much furniture, because the effect is spoiled.

The choice of wallpapers is huge: single-layered and double-layered, vinyl (paper and PVC), fiberglass with a texture of herringbone or jute (can be repeatedly painted), and double-layer polyester fiber. The first layer, if necessary, can be removed, then the bottom layer will remain. So if you’re trying to put a wallpaper in place, you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Wallpapers for the kitchen

Wallpapers for the kitchen
The kitchen is one of the most difficult rooms in the whole house. It is from her that the most is required. Here the walls are exposed to high temperatures, water vapor or mechanical damage. It is worth recommending liquid wallpaper (spraying) for the kitchen. It is a mixture of three ingredients in a loose form – silk, cotton and cellulose. The powder is mixed with water – applying the proportions given on the packaging. Before starting painting, the wall must be prepared properly – it must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. The mixture should be ductile, plastic and not lumpy. You can use special plastic strips for painting that facilitate the application of liquid wallpaper. Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors.

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