Classy Home with Natural Materials – Fashion for Linen

Classy Home with Natural Materials - Fashion for linen The ecological trend is more than seasonal love. Every moment is good, in order to surround yourself with linen and appreciate its subtle beauty. Linen curtains, pillowcases, or linen tablecloths add lightness to interiors.
Linen is particularly suitable for decorating windows. Linen curtains and curtains, although they are associated with a rough and stiff fabric, do not need to be. On the contrary. Flax can be light as a mist, airy and transparent. In this form, it is recommended for curtains. The subtle mesh of the weave looks particularly beautiful when the sunlight shines through it. Thicker canvases are proposed for curtains. Hanging white and smooth curtains will give the interior a climate associated with antiquity. By contrast, with the help of dyed to a delicate shade, we get the effect of coziness and unpretentious.

Noble linen carries a refined game with original, non-dyed wool. The colors harmonize with our winter climate (which has been warming lately), so it is dominated by whitewashed gray and gray whites. A pinch of pink was added for the revival. Thanks to a subdued range of colors, invoices gain in importance. In order not to spoil this effect, it is worth choosing wooden furniture with simple forms.

In the dining room

In the dining room…
Festive occasions require appropriate binding. A classic, but still unrivaled solution remains the snow-white tablecloth of thin canvas. Len is the best material for napkins and treads. White tableware is also considered to be truly elegant. We will emphasize the palatial style by choosing glass-colored goblets, silver accessories and crystal decorations, in which thousands of reflections will reflect the flickering light of candles.

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