Weekend Repairs: 7 Quick Solution

Weekend Repairs: 7 Quick Solution

If you feel like the hero of Groundhog Day because you wake up and see the same thing in front of you for several years in a row, then you need to renovate your apartment as soon as possible. Here are 7 ideas, that you can over make use on the weekend, without significant costs.

1. Rearrangement of furniture

The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, a change in the location of the furniture. Yes, a good solution, because you will feel almost no discomfort when you move a sofa, a bed, a case from one wall to another. The main feature of this option is that you will spend little time and save money on such changes.

But for apartments, which were repaired according to the design project, and from the very beginning the electrical wiring dictated the location of the furniture, there are other options for change.

2. Painting walls or gluing the wallpaper

If you change the color of the walls, you will find yourself in a completely different apartment, the perception of space will change, the feeling of a new apartment will appear. After spending only 2 days – one on a trip to the store, and the other – on painting the walls – you will get the most noticeable changes.

3. Throw away everything you don’t need

Yes, it not a joke. You may have been a collector before, collecting vases, masks, or something else, but now they just accumulate dust. If you take at least a minute for each item to find out if it is needed, you will realize that you have not used it for more than half a year. Don’t be afraid to put away all the unuseful things and take them to the dump. And when you return, you will notice how much better, more spacious, easier to breathe.

4. Greening

This will be one of the most enjoyable changes in your space. After all, what could be better than nature? One day is enough for you to travel to the greenhouse, consult with a florist, buy a plant, and a flowerpot. And in the evening you already can enjoying a piece of nature at your home.

5. Buy new furniture

Of course, it does not mean drastic changes, not wardrobes with a bed, but something smaller. A coffee table or bedside table, for example. Yes, it sounds like not a significant change, but these are exactly the things you see most often: the bedside table – when you wake up and fall asleep, and the table – when you relax in the living room.

6. Textile change

Replace old pillows on the sofa, blanket, buy new bedclothes, etc. This will be a very nice change, because you will have the opportunity to walk the streets of your hometown, to visit textile shops. And when you come home – just change the old for the new, without any effort. You can also replace curtains and blinds, but this can take longer – if you do not find your size.

7. Buying decor

This option for those who firstly threw away everything unnecessary. After all, the decor should be like an accent, and not get lost next to other things. It can be a new clock, a vase, a painting, books on the shelf, anything. But here you have to be careful, take into account the interior, think about whether the watch that you like so much will be appropriate. Because the color palette can be incompatible and you will be disappointed because in the store it looked much better than now in your apartment.

Picture Credit: Unsplash