Ways to Protect Your Home from Theft

Ways to Protect Your Home from TheftCriminals love the “dark” seasons, but this does not mean that there is no looting in spring and summer. Moreover, contrary to the generally accepted opinion, the majority of robberies occur during the day – when many people are at work, and children are at school, as well as in the early evening or on weekends. Therefore, regardless of the season, it is important to take care of the safety of your home.

What attracts burglars
They pay attention to open windows and doors, trash cans or stairs close to the house, with which you can easily get inside. In single-family homes, criminals often get through windows, less often through basements and entrance doors. In the dwellings of apartment buildings, robbers mostly make their way through the front door of the apartment.

How can you scare away burglars
It is important to create the impression that someone lives in an apartment or house. So, you can use a motion recognition system or one that is configured in time to turn on the lights in the rooms. When leaving, it is important to always close the doors and windows, not to leave the keys outside – the criminals will easily find any cache.

Are the dummies of surveillance cameras or people supposedly in the house effective?
There is no point in using them – experienced criminals quickly recognize a fake.

How to arrange housing so that the robber could not get into it
Install special windows and doors of resistance class RC2 and higher. They provide reliable protection against hacking. It is also recommended to use an alarm and security system.

Do not post information about your absence on the Internet
Often, criminals online check information about whether potential victims are currently at home. For many, just a short absent tenant to rob his apartment. Therefore, it is better not to inform active Internet users in social networks even about small trips, trips to fairs and concerts. It is better to publish information and photos from leisure or visiting various events after returning home. It is also important to ensure that at the time of your absence, friends or neighbors pick up correspondence from the mailbox.

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