Interior Design Trends 2019

Interior Design Trends 2019Organizing repairs in the apartment, I want the result to be not only beautiful, stylish and comfortable, but also relevant for a long time.

Fashion trends in interior design are not prone to such rapid changes as in clothing design. Therefore, based on current trends, choose what is closer to you in spirit: the main thing is that you yourself are not tired of your interior.

In the next couple of years, pastel colors in the interior, brick finish, black and white combination and creative wallpaper will be at the peak of popularity.
But there are also a lot of interesting 2019 trends that deserve your attention.

Marsala is not only wine, but also a popular trend of 2019, both on the world’s catwalks and in design. Marsala was the most fashionable color of clothes in 2018. Now we have a lot of lipsticks of this shade, accessories and … decorative items for the house. The color was so powerful that it moved to the new 2019.

Deep wine shade will give the interior refinement and elegance. The color of Marsala will definitely become the main accent of any home. This shade is perfectly combined with gold and copper, as well as with shades of gray.

Accessories and various decorative elements in interior design 2019 emit the glitter of precious metal. The main positions are occupied by gold, copper, brass. Silver has faded into shadow, and if it appears in the decor, then being expertly veiled by gold details.

Environmental friendliness
Eco-style in the interior is not news. But in 2019, this trend will only strengthen its position. Firstly, the use of natural materials with the most natural textures is a real must-have in a trendy interior.

Wood, stone luggage, brick wall, cork, formaldehyde-free furniture, water-based paints and everything that nature can inspire.
Secondly, it is the reuse of materials to preserve the natural resources of the Earth. Broken glass table top – fashion trend 2019.

50 shades of grey
Interior designers and decorators, echoing the name of the film of the same name, give their preference in 2019 to the entire depth of the gray scale.

Gray color goes well with white, pink, shades of blue and mint, creating interesting and fairly fresh interior solutions.
The combination of the gray and trend colors of Marsala, creates a mix of sophisticated design with a hint of classic.

Marble has always been considered ideal for the kitchen and bathroom. In 2019, in addition to worktops, walls and floors, designers recommend all sorts of accessories of geometric shapes, statues, jewelry boxes and even bedside tables made of marble or with imitation of this fashionable material.

White color is another trend of 2019 in modern interior design. This is the basis of all the basics, it goes well with any other color and gets along well with the trendy eco-style. Not to mention the Marsala and shades of gray.

Interior Design Trends 2019

If you prefer white as the main color in your interior, then it should be at least 60%, then the room will be perceived as a complete total white.

Scandinavian style
This trend 2019 in the interior is now becoming brighter and more natural. The most natural shades, white or light gray walls, minimal window decor and natural wood are the fundamental features of this style. Bright colors also deserve attention, but in small quantities.

Scandinavian style involves the use of soft, anatomical furniture with a lot of decorative pillows.

In the interior mode there are transparent elements. Plexiglass furniture will be a bright accent for any interior design in 2019, chairs, tables, armchairs and much more. If you are not ready for such bold experiments, you can pay attention to translucent partitions, accessories made of transparent and translucent glass. By the way, the use of translucent white curtains is also suitable for the implementation of this trend 2019 in your interior.

Another interesting trend in 2019 was the text in interior design. Motivating phrases, quotes and just separate words are placed on the walls and shelves in the form of paintings, prints on wallpaper, inscriptions and handicrafts made of foam or plastic. Today, there are whole sets of ready-made letters that can be used in the decoration of your own interior. In any case, it is fashionable, stylish and exclusive!

Exterior items in the interior
The boundaries between the furniture for the garden and the house are erased: a new trend in the interior of 2019 – wrought-iron furniture in urban environments, large flowerpots with trees. Other pleasant little things based on country life, for example, mini-fountains will calm down after a working day no worse than an aquarium with fish, and lamps in the form of antique lanterns will successfully overlap with ordinary things.

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