Tips for Choosing The Right Office Furniture

Tips for Choosing The Right Office FurnitureColor strongly affects the perception of space and the mood of a person, so the color of office furniture plays an important role in creating an office interior.

Correctly chosen color of office furniture will help:

  • to stimulate the work capacity of personnel;
  • increase the stress-resistance of workers;
  • to encourage the collective to creativity;
  • reduce fatigue;
  • to correct the shortcomings of lighting and office planning.

Tips for choosing the color of office furniture

  • in working rooms, the color of the surfaces should be generally muffled, bright, contrasting elements can be used to revive the interior;
  • light office furniture is more practical, it is less visible scratches, scrapes, dust, fingerprints;
  • dark shades (wenge, apple, walnut, rosewood) give solidity and impressiveness, so they are good for furniture in the manager’s office;
  • if there is not enough light in the room (few windows or they go to the north), it is better to order light furniture (white, birch, sand);
  • do not put a lot of dark furniture in small and / or poorly lit rooms, so the office will appear gloomy;
  • in a room where a lot of sun (south side) is better to buy office furniture of cool shades (gray, blue), the northern side on the contrary, requires a warm color scale (sand);
  • for employees of middle and older age choose furniture of quiet, natural shades of a tree, bright elements of furniture it is more appropriate to use for a young collective;
  • in office premises open type open space it is desirable to use furniture with light inserts or light colors, then the office will not seem cluttered and stuffy.

The influence of color on a person’s mental and physiological state

  • yellow expands space, fills it with solar energy, stimulates brain work, invigorates;
  • green relieves stress, fatigue, calms, maintains efficiency;
  • blue smoothes out differences in the team, contributes to greater concentration;
  • gray creates a working, business atmosphere;
  • blue contributes to internal concentration, tends to reflect, associates with authority;
  • brown – the color of conservatism and traditions, adds nobility to the room;
    white visually expands and brightens the space, perfectly matches with any color, ideal for large offices of an open type.

Picture Credit: cdu445