Repairs and clean-up to do before you move into a new apartment

Repairs and clean-up to do before you move into a new apartmentYou will be cleaned after repairing the apartment. We will tell directly, a dust and a dirt, building dust, the rests of a paint, solutions, mixes – all it is necessary to take out from an apartment, to take out and spend cleaning.

Do not want to do it all yourself, then shift your worries to the shoulders of professionals. Any cleaning company in a few hours will bring your house in a proper way. They are actually professionals, experts in their own business, in their arsenal only professional equipment and detergents. In addition, you do not have to worry about where to put all the garbage. Employees of the company will collect it and take it out.

But the cleaning company will have to pay for the services. And if the amount of work carried out is large enough, then you will part with a decent amount from your own purse. Therefore, many inhabitants decide to clean the apartment after repair.

As already mentioned above, this process is difficult and painstaking. The degree of pollution in different places of the apartment will differ: dust, paint stains, glue drops and the like with a single rub of rags is not removed.

Therefore, for each type of pollution will have to pick up a detergent, this must be done carefully. Mistake with selection – damage any surface. For example, remove the paint or ruin the wallpaper.

Stages of complex cleaning

Cleaning after repair is divided into several stages:

First, it will be necessary to remove garbage and building materials.
Further, deep cleaning of surfaces consisting of hard materials is carried out.
The windows and doors are being cleaned.

So, we start cleaning up the garbage after the repair. Firstly, we should note that when carrying out this type of work, it is necessary to follow the rules and requirements of safety engineering. Be sure to put on your hands protective gloves, on your feet, reliable shoes. Among the garbage there will be sharp and cutting objects. All the trash bag, and always sort it. It may be that it will contain the necessary items or tools.

Bags with garbage must be taken to the dump. In garbage can not add it, get an impressive fine. And if there is a lot of garbage, then you have to make several flights on your own car. True, you can use the services of a car cleaning company.

At the second stage it is necessary to remove hard surfaces. This is the floor, shelves and the top areas of furniture. Please note that it is with flooring materials that there can be great problems. For example, laminate and linoleum should not be exposed to mechanical stress. They immediately formed traces of hard brushes or other solid devices. Therefore, only a rag or sponge.

But at the very beginning you need to collect dust. It is the most difficult pollution in such a process as cleaning after repair. Therefore, it must be disposed of by all available means. The best option is to use a vacuum cleaner. But if the dust in the premises is in large numbers, then this unit will not help. Therefore, a preliminary fee is recommended.

It is necessary to moisten the floor with water (there should be little water so that no stains are formed), then broom dust into lumps that are easy to assemble. After this, you need to allow time for the surface to dry out, then you can walk along it with a vacuum cleaner. Dust on the walls is collected only by the device. Particular attention should be paid to corners, slots, for this purpose it is best to use a flat nozzle.

We pass to the third stage. The difficulty of cleaning and washing windows is that it is not always possible to clean them from the outside. If your apartment, for example, is on the 13th floor, then doing all these operations will be unsafe. So in this case, the services of the cleaning company will have to be used. But from the inside to clean and wash the windows and windowsills after repair is not difficult. To do this, use detergents for glasses. Instructions for use can be found on the label.

With the doors, in principle, everything is the same. It is important to wipe the dust and clean the dirt with detergents. As practice shows, for these purposes, a normal soap solution is sufficient.

Final touches
It would seem that on this cleaning after the repair is over. I guess, yes. But you will have to wipe all the surfaces again, removing the dust. Here you can do without a vacuum cleaner. Use soft rags, fluffy brushes, the main thing – you need devices that do not negatively impact objects, furniture and surfaces. Pay special attention when you remove dust, on chandeliers, lamps, radiators and their screens. Here you have to work hard, because these objects have a complex shape, hoot dust clogs in all the cracks and corners.

And the final process is a complete wet cleaning of the apartment after repair. Tip Рstart with the bathroom and toilet. These small rooms, tiled with tiles, will require disinfection. It is mandatory.

Helpful Tips
Ceramic tiles are best cleaned with special foams for tiles. It well removes traces of silicone, putty and tile glue.
It is recommended to clean floor coverings with turpentine, thinner or talc. For each floor material manufacturers offer their own cleaning products. Take advantage of them.
Plastic frames after repair must be cleaned with special compounds that will not damage their surface and leave no traces.
So, let’s sum up. Remove the rooms of the apartment after repair by their own hands is not easy. This will require not only strength and time, but also a little money. The savings are still large, but the laboriousness of the work done will make you sweat. So be tuned to the real work.

Picture Credit: mohamed_hassan