Natural stone furniture

Furniture made of stone

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Many people mistakenly believe that the furniture from the stone is limited to tabletops – for the kitchen and for the bathroom. In fact, stone furniture is very diverse and can perform a variety of functions.


If we are talking about table tops, we can not fail to mention that in addition to kitchen and bathroom stone tables can also decorate the living room, bedroom and study. In addition to the tabletops made of stone, tables are made entirely – as large tables for a dining room or living room, as well as a variety of tea tables, coffee tables and decorative tables that can be used, for example, for a humidor and other accessories for smoking cigars.

Any table or table, like other furniture made of natural stone, is distinguished by its durability and durability. Even small and seemingly airy decorative tables are actually able to withstand a considerable load.

The worktops of decorative tables are made of marble, granite, travertine or onyx, as well as semi-precious stones. This allows you to make them a stylish and luxurious interior accent.

Also very popular are tables with lighting. Usually they are made of onyx or quartzite, but they can also be made from some varieties of marble, and also from certain types of semiprecious stones.

Bathroom furniture made of natural stone

In the bathroom, furniture, as a rule, is not exclusively decorative, but performs certain functions. Therefore, many seek to choose furniture for the bathroom from natural stone, as it is not afraid of moisture, temperature changes and increased load. Particularly in demand is the bathroom furniture from marble, as this stone has increased hygiene.

In addition to worktops, natural stone can be made a table for the bathroom – both with a built-in sink, and simply separate, designed for cosmetics and care products.

A stone can be made of a stone – the scale of this piece of furniture depends on the wishes of the customer. It can be both small products, and large multifunctional racks with built-in sink and mirror frame.

Shelves made of natural stone are very comfortable in the bathroom. They are not afraid of accidental drops of jars with cosmetics, they are easy to clean and certainly will not dry out and crack with time.

What else is the furniture made of stone?

It is very convenient such stone furniture as thumbs and bedside tables. For example, very original and presentable looks a TV stand, made of granite or marble. And the decorative bedside tables for interior accessories can be made from onyx or travertine.

Interesting look different seats from the stone – chairs or benches. Chairs often make in addition to a stone table – made of stone of the same color and texture.

The living room will look good shelves of natural stone – for books, for interior accessories or for flowers. They can be made both in tone with the main scale of the wall, and in a contrast version.

Such furniture from natural stone as bar counts is often found not only in private houses, cottages and apartments, but also in public institutions such as cafes, restaurants, clubs, etc. Bar counters are often made of granite, as this natural stone is particularly strong and durable. But also very popular and bar counters from onyx – backlit.

Another type of stone furniture used in public places is the reception desk. This stone furniture is increasingly found in the halls and foyers of law firms, private clinics, etc.

Furniture from a natural stone in external furnish

Perhaps, only furniture made of natural stone is so widely used in landscape design and other exterior works. It happens because neither wooden, nor metal, nor even furniture made of artificial stone can withstand such loads.

Furniture from a natural stone in external furnish

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In exterior decoration and landscape design, you can usually find tables and chairs or benches made of natural stone, including inside arbors. As a rule, the most durable types and grades of natural stone are used here, since the impact of negative factors outside buildings is much higher.

In general, today furniture made of natural stone is enjoying increasing popularity, due to which its diversity is growing. Of particular interest is the fact that unlike furniture made of artificial stone provides a wider selection of textures and stylistic treatments, not to mention the beauty of natural stone design. The fact that the furniture made of stone can be impressive and picturesque, the photo or 3D-visualization is not able to convey to the fullest – only a living acquaintance with it can demonstrate the extraordinary atmosphere that the stone furniture brings to the room.