Is Gray Going Out of Style?

Is Gray Going Out of Style?Gray interiors do not go out of style. Gray does not mean however boring and sad. Here are a few ways to revive the rooms arranged in these colors.

Gray is one of the most fashionable colors in interior design. It is a universal and refined color. Suitable for interiors in various styles. However, be careful not to create a sad and overwhelming interior.

How to combine gray color?
The range of shades of gray is very wide – from bright pigeons to dark graphite. Gray is a timeless and elegant color. It can be successfully used in classical interiors as well as modern ones. You can paint it in both the living room and the kitchen, in the bedroom and even in the children’s room. We recommend warm shades of gray to the latter, which will be a good alternative to hacked beige.

As a neutral gray, it suits almost everything. The perfect duo creates with white or black. It fits well with a touch of red or juicy green. A combination of gray with a yellow, orange and pink color is modern and avant-garde. Accompanied by natural wood, it will look warm and cozy.

Colors and patterns for the gray interior
A small accent in a more vivid color will make the gray interior come to life. Colored pillow, vase or bowl will add depth and expression to such a room. However, you do not need to act aggressively, with strong colors. The pastel pastels are surprisingly good for gray interiors. They enliven them, but subtly. They make the room gaining freshness and brightness. Grays blend well with powdered pink, blue and a straw shade of yellow.

Picture Credit: meubelenenmeer