How to Create a Home Library

How to Create a Home LibraryHow to create a home library?
For those who still believe that books can not be completely replaced by TV, the Internet and electronic books, we offer to think about the formation of your own home library. It should be said that this business will immediately challenge the daily routine imposed on us by modernity: if you don’t want to build a sham library and want to really be well-read, you will have to “snatch” a dozen hours of time from the TV!

What literature to collect? We venture to offer such a system.

Reference books, technical, necessary for work or study. Such literature, naturally, needs to be bought, collected, collected. If you are doing, for example, programming, then the literature of this direction will certainly come in handy.

Generally developing literature. Everyone has their own preferences in everything. In choosing a general developing literature, you should also be guided by your own interests: if you are a “techie,” it may be interesting to collect a collection of books on the history of mechanics, electronics, etc. Some people like history, some people like astronomy, someone is interested in questions of philosophy and religion. Today there are many interesting books on construction and repair, on the arrangement and decoration of their homes; they can also devote a whole section. All of these areas may dictate to you what books you need to search and collect.

Practical Library Collection Tips
In the formation of the home library should be guided by several principles.

Boulevard and beach pulp should not be made to the library, because it does not represent any value and there is no need to collect it. These books are only intended to pass the time.

Good literature can be purchased on the book collapse of the ad. You can buy entire private libraries at a very low price. Used books are often much lower than new ones, not inferior to new ones as binder and paper.

Decent place in the home library can take collections of magazines. It is quite possible to include collections of magazines “Around the World in Eighty Days“, “Biography”, “Discovery”, “Science and Technology”, etc. in the section of general education books. Magazine selections can also be bought from collectors at sales.

Collecting the library, do not forget about your children. Buy interesting literature for them. Instill in them an interest in reading the adventure novels of James Fenimore Cooper, Jules Verne, Mayne Reid.

Remember that having a library is not cheap. The acquisition of books, the construction of library furniture, the care of books, transportation when moving – all this requires money and effort. Do not set a goal: to build a large library. Build a library of valuable books for you.

For ease of classification, use special computer programs. They will help arrange all the books in sections, will remind you about who you gave to read this or that book.

Look for like-minded book lovers. This will give you a new social circle, help in finding the publications you need.

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