How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color for Every Room

If you decide to repair the apartment on your own and do not use the often expensive services of designers, use our tips.

1. To competently and harmoniously begin to repair and in a short time to complete it, you need to have a three-dimensional mindset.
Samples of color in the store on the palette look completely different than in the final version on our walls. Many of us often encounter what we wanted as best, but it turned out as always. The color seems to be perfect, but afterwards you realize that in the interior it does not look, just did not like it …

How to Choose the Perfect Paint Color for Every Room

Picture Credit: NatashaG

2. When repairing apartments it is important to imagine how this or that color will look different electrical and natural lighting.
Here you should take into account a number of factors – the sun, shadows, lamps, floor lamps, sconces, built-in light, if any.

3. If you have already chosen furniture for your apartment, then it is worth selecting the paint so that it does not dissonant with the surrounding tones.

4. The choice of paint depends on the floor as well.

5. The color scheme depends on the purpose of the room, the kitchen is either a bathroom, a bedroom or a guest room. For a bedroom, soothing pastel shades are acceptable, they will help to relax. In the living room you can include your imagination and please the guests. But fantasize by itself in moderation. When decorating a kitchen, it should be taken into account that the paint should be easy to wash, but do not flush with scouring powders or detergents. In the bathroom you need not less persistent paint.

The choice of paint depends on the floor as well.

Picture Credit: NatashaG

6. And in case the furniture is not selected yet …

You are lucky, you can include imagination and find the most unusual color solutions for your interior, but keep in mind that everything is interconnected in the design – the color of the walls, the color of the ceiling, the tone of furniture and floors.

7. How can the probes help us? There are two ways:

The first is to buy the paint you like right away on the whole surface of the chosen area. In this case, if you do not like the color, it turns out, money is thrown to the wind.

The second way is to first get a probe, this is the order of one liter of the paint of the color you like. Paint a small section of the wall or ceiling and if the result suits you, feel free to buy the paint. If not, pick up the probes until you find the right shade.

The bedroom is best painted in light pastel colors

Picture Credit: NatashaG

Let’s sum up:

  • The bedroom is best painted in light pastel colors.
  • For kitchen and bathroom, choose the most resistant.
  • Matte paint will help to hide unevenness on the surface of the walls, but it gets soiled, it is much harder to wash than, for example, half-matt or glossy. But these paints for perfectly flat surfaces.
  • The ceiling does not have to be traditionally white, it’s very good to look like a ceiling with the same shade as the walls.
  • Ceiling paint in dark colors is not recommended, especially for rooms with light floors, walls and furniture.