Care and Maintenance Tips for Exterior Doors

Care and Maintenance Tips for Exterior DoorsIt is not a secret to anyone to maximize the life of a particular component of the interior, it needs care. No exception is the front door. In fact, the rules and guidelines for care are very simple. And if you stick to them, the door will regularly serve you for many years. One of the main rules is a periodic and major inspection of the door and fittings. A major inspection should be carried out at least once a year to avoid such troubles as damage to machinery. Indeed, it is much easier and much cheaper to prevent a problem than to eliminate its consequences. So, let us dwell in more detail on how and with what means we can extend the service life of the front door.

As necessary, you need to wipe the door leaf from visible dirt and dust. After all, whatever one may say, but dust accumulates on any surfaces. And in order for the door to remain in its original form, it is necessary to get rid of such petty troubles. In order to simply remove the dust you do not need special tools. It will be enough soft tissue. However, it should be noted that even with strong contaminations, if they occur, it is not necessary to use acidic or abrasive agents to clean them. This applies to all types of entrance door surfaces: powder coated, with patch panels and laminated.

So, to clean the dirt and dust on the powder-coated door, you will need the usual soap solution and a soft cloth. If the steel door is installed in a private house, then to protect it from external factors such as rain, snow, it is necessary to install a protective visor. As for the door leaf with lining of MDF, in this case, you can use the same soap solution, but after cleaning, be sure to wipe dry. Because of the excess moisture lining can swell and subsequently deform.

Laminated doors, or made of solid, are cleaned with special detergents. And after cleaning, you can use special polishes, which include wax. Due to the content of the wax, which will fill all existing microcracks, your door will always look perfect.

Pay attention to accessories should be no less than once every six months. What exactly does this mean? Minor contaminants are cleaned with a damp cloth, the mounting screws are tightened and lubricated with locks, hinges and handles with machine oil. In order to thoroughly clean the lock, it is recommended to disassemble, wipe and lubricate with engine oil at least once every two years. If you do not want the castle jammed at the wrong time, listen to the simple advice of professionals.

During repair, if possible, it is desirable to remove the front door from its hinges. However, if there is no such possibility, then it should be carefully protected from dust and debris. How to do it? Close the door leaf and box tightly with polyethylene, which you need to purchase in advance in the building supermarket. Make holes for the handles. To prevent dust from entering the keyholes, it is recommended to temporarily seal them with masking tape. At the end of the repair, it is necessary to blow out and lubricate the locks with engine oil, and wash the door leaf with a damp cloth and wipe dry.

Keys must be used only those that come with a lock or manufactured in a service center. If for some reason the key does not turn in the keyhole, you should not make an effort, as there is a chance to break it. It is better to invite a professional master – traffic controller and he will eliminate this unpleasant moment.

Paying attention to our recommendations for the care and protection of the front door, and observing these basic rules, you can enjoy its impeccable condition for many years.

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Picture Credit: Pexels