Basic Types Of Lighting

What are the Different Types of LightingMix and match any of the below types of indoor fixtures to elevate your surroundings and set the mood, no matter the occasion. Good lighting tones improve mood and performance. Lack of light, on the contrary, leads to rapid fatigue. In designing the interior, the organization of its lighting is an essential task. Lighting design determines the rational distribution of light sources in the home.

Types of lighting

It is customary to divide lighting into three types:

  • working lighting,
  • background lighting,
  • local lighting,
  • but one more type can be distinguished – decorative lighting.

Working lighting usually is local, it should be bright, but not strain the eyes. A table lamp, floor lamp, or wall sconce is used as working lighting.

Background lighting is the main thing, which the main thing is to be unobtrusive. For this, a chandelier or ceiling light is used, which is installed in the center of the ceiling to obtain a soft and diffused light.

Local lighting emphasizes individual details of the interior. Various light bulbs, floor lamps, wall lamps, and LED strips are suitable for it.

Decorative lighting includes the lighting of the floor and bed, cabinets and shelves with the help of built-in lighting systems, lighting of niches, and the ceiling. Such lighting creates a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Types of lamps

In order to understand the huge variety of lamps, we will consider each type and its purpose:

1. Hanging lamps

Used for background lighting. They are hung from the ceiling so that there is a small space between them and the ceiling lights. As a result, we get unobtrusive and pleasant light.

2. Chandeliers

Multi-bulb pendant lights also create diffused light. They have 3-6 lamps on average.

3. Ceiling lamps

Lamps that can be adjusted according to the direction of light streams, which can be directed to the sides, down, or up. If they look up, the light from the ceiling is soft. Directing light streams downwards is more suitable for an office or a dining room. Chandeliers look especially good in a room with a high ceiling.

Ceiling lamps look good on a low ceiling, so you can use them in the hallway, bathroom, balcony, or storeroom.

4. Recessed fixtures and track lighting

You can place them in stretch ceilings or built into furniture. Also, they can be placed according to different schemes and in any combination. They are reversible and irreversible. The luminous flux of the rotary ones is directed in the desired direction.

5. Table lamps

Convenient due to their mobility, you can place them anywhere. However, most often they have been used as table lamps for the workplace. They look good in the interior, filling it with pleasant light.

6. Wall sconces

It is a great choice to create a cozy atmosphere and beautiful decor. They have many different forms and a wide range of different materials.

7. Floor lamps

They are a good choice for local lighting in large rooms. Also, you can place them in a corner near the window to beautifully illuminate the curtains.

Picture Credit: VistaCreate