6 Ways to Improve Your Home Air Quality

6 Ways to Improve Your Home Air Quality

To have a healthy and balanced home, it is important to remember that there are methods to clean the air you breathe. Therefore, it is very important to improve air quality.

You may not notice it, but the air is often polluted with chemicals, environmental particles, and dust.

In fact, it is one of the main causes of allergies and respiratory problems. The most worrying thing is that many people completely ignore it.

1. Use environmentally friendly cleaning remedy

We are used to store-bought cleaners but don’t forget that there are natural alternatives. They will help you do the same job without affecting the air in your home and environment.

Environmentally friendly cleaning has become a good practice in dozens of countries. In fact, more and more people are choosing it.


  • Avoid using chemical sprays, because they fill the atmosphere with harmful synthetic toxins.
  • Disinfect the house with vinegar, lemon, or baking soda.
  • Use citrus peels and natural spices as an alternative to chemical air fresheners.

2. Get rid of unnecessary things

If you want to prevent the accumulation of dust mites, dust, and other volatile compounds, get rid of unnecessary things.


  • Clean the house of things like plush toys, carpets, or pillows.
  • If you want to have them, be sure to clean them regularly.
  • If you have pets, take care of their hygiene. Make sure their toys and beds are disinfected.

3. Do not forget to ventilate

To improve the air quality in every room of your home, you need to open doors and windows for at least 20-30 minutes per day.


  • Ventilate your home when there are less traffic and pollen.
  • Open all doors and windows, in the bathroom and kitchen as well.
  • Do this every day to keep the air in your home fresh.

4. Control humidity

Be careful: the humidity of the walls and roof causes not only bad odors in your home. It is also a direct cause of respiratory and skin diseases.

Although this is a problem with poor ventilation, it is important to try to take control of it as soon as you notice it.


  • Identify damp rooms in your home and make sure you ventilate them.
  • Use natural remedies to get rid of molds, such as vinegar and lemon.
  • If moisture persists, try to find a professional who does this type of repair.

5. Do not smoke at home

Smoking in your home is one of the worst habits. This applies to all other members of your family because cigarette smoke dissipates in the air. Because it is full of toxins, it affects the lung health of all residents.


  • Smoking is bad for your health. Avoid smoking as much as possible.
  • Seek support and protection to quit smoking.
  • If you decide to continue smoking, do so outside of your home.

6. Use houseplants to improve air quality

There are dozens of houseplants that not only give a decorative touch to your rooms:

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