Hygiene Tips For Athletes

Hygiene Tips for AthletesSpring mobilizes for active leisure. However, you must always be prepared for physical activity. We advise in what to equip your training bag and how to take care of the cleanliness of the accessories we use for training.

Regardless of whether we decide to be active at home, outdoors or at the gym – in each of these cases we should pay attention to the cleanliness of the equipment we use. In order to maintain the hygiene of training, it is necessary to regularly disinfect the machines and other training accessories we use and our personal equipment, outfit, shoes or water bottles.

Take care of the right outfit

The right exercise clothes are the foundation. We should ensure that they are made of materials such as cotton, lycra, polyester. Thanks to this, our body, sweating during training, will be able to “breathe”, and taking care of the cleanliness of these clothes will not cause any problems. Dress should be washed at high temperature after each workout.

Often the element of the outfit is gloves. Due to the fact that they are the most frequent contact with devices – barbells or handles – you should look after them properly. To effectively refresh them, it is enough to soak them in a bowl with a mix of hair shampoo and conditioner. Such a few-hour bath will allow them to regain their former flexibility and freshness.


We should adopt a similar rule when buying sports footwear. A light, breathable, stable shoe will sensationally affect the quality of the exercises. In addition, it will be much easier for us to keep it clean.

Remember to always bring shoes to the gym for a change, which will keep you clean at the place of exercise. It is important to put the training shoes in an additional bag or bag, which isolates them from other accessories and garments, and after returning home, immediately remove the shoes from the bag and ensure that they are ventilated.

To get rid of the unpleasant smell, you can use special means and spray for shoes or use clever, homemade methods. Soda baking is also effective in the fight against it. Already a small amount of the inside of the shoe will help you get rid of the troublesome problem.

Training mats

During training, we often use special mats. In fitness clubs it is very important to always put on your own towel, which isolates our body from the surface, which can be used by every club member. It is also worth reaching for bactericidal preparations.

If we use our own mat, we can easily take care of it after training. Just prepare a mixture of distilled water and your favorite essential oil. Pour this mixture into the atomizer bottle and spray the mat. Then you need to wipe it with a damp cloth. In this way, we will get rid of germs.

Bottles and water bottles

Remember to take your own bottle of water with you for each workout. Do not use common water bottles, do not let us sip a sip of a refreshing isotonic drink from a friend or colleague. We can use vinegar to clean bottles of protein drinks. Just pour in a few tablespoons and make up with water. We leave such a mixture for the night.

Exercise equipment

Keeping all training equipment clean, available both in closed gyms, fitness clubs, as well as free gyms, most often located in parks or playgrounds, is a very important aspect of the exercise.

When choosing a gym, we should have a towel with us. During the exercises, we put it on the equipment we use. Thanks to this, we isolate ourselves from the bacteria that may be there after the training of our predecessors. In addition, we are also sure that we will leave clean and dry equipment behind.

Remember – do not use the same towel during exercise and bathing!

We recommend putting a bottle of antibacterial liquid into the bag that we take for training. The clubs should also be provided with liquids for disinfecting the equipment. Remember to use them to wipe the handles, handrails, benches and mechanisms for machine configuration, because there accumulates the most bacteria.

Picture Credit: tookapic