How to Organize a Home Gym

How to Organize a Home Gym

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The sports corner of the house is a great way to keep yourself in top shape even with an absolute lack of time. This is a sport and a charge of cheerfulness is always at hand. Even when the window is raining and there is no way to go to the stadium, a few exercises at home and you will feel much better.

So is it really a sports corner right in the apartment? Even if it is small-size? How to properly organize the space in the apartment so that the sports corner does not take up much space in the house? In which rooms it is best to place a sports corner and what is needed for this?

Wall bars

A very practical and compact acquisition is the Wall bars. It can be placed anywhere, in the hallway, dining room, living room, nursery and even in the bedroom. She does not occupy places practically, after all she is fastened to a wall. Such a simulator will appeal to both children and adults. This is a place for various exercises, the Swedish wall is very functional. Today, the Swedish wall is not just a staircase attached to a wall. It can be executed in any original design and perfectly fits into any interior.

In the children’s room

One of the most convenient places where you can equip a sports corner is a children’s room. Who does not have children always have a lot of energy and increased activity? Such sports zones usually occupy one corner and are an excellent means for raising the mood and getting the next charge of cheerfulness in the morning for all the younger members of a family of any age. When installing such a sports complex it is important to make sure of the reliability and strength of the structure. This is very important, because children are very fragile and too active. It is also desirable to purchase several mats to mitigate the landing of children.

Multi-tasking fitness equipment

Another good way to keep oneself in shape is by cardiovascular equipment. They are comfortable, compact and can replace hour jogs on the street. You can place a cardio simulator almost anywhere – it takes quite a bit of space.

And for cyclists, it is best to buy an exercise bike. It can be placed in a corner, along a wall or even in the middle of a room. This does not spoil the appearance of the room, even on the contrary – it slightly changes the concept of the functionality of the room.

Fitness Corner

Fitness Corner

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For fitness, you can arrange a separate room in the apartment. And it does not necessarily take a lot of space, because for fitness, in fact, you need only a few dumbbells, a ball and a rug. Organize a fitness corner can be almost in any room, such as a bedroom and a living room. There is another interesting design solution for such a fitness corner – the use of a loggia. This can be as a closed room balcony, equipped with everything necessary for sports, and additional space loggia, attached to the bedroom by demolition of partitions. In any case, this option will help you to use the space of the loggia as efficiently as possible and not to clutter the space of the rest of the apartment with sports facilities.

Horizontal bar

If your apartment area does not allow you to organize a small space for sports, and you want to look beautiful right now – you can try to consolidate at home only one subject for sports, this is a horizontal bar. The easiest way is to place a home horizontal bar directly in the doorway. However, there are models of horizontal bars, which are mounted on walls or in the corners of the room.

Home horizontal bar – this is an excellent solution for small apartments, it does not take up much space, is almost invisible to others, and therefore perfectly fit into any interior.

Home Gym

For active and young families, perhaps the best option is to equip your own home gym. The main thing in this case is to correctly place the sports equipment in the hall so that, if necessary, it can be used as a living room, made in the original sports style. In such a home room you can place light portable furniture or soft outdoor chairs-transformers, and it immediately becomes a combination of several functions: a sports hall and a living room. Very stylish and functional solution, many interior designers use this technique.

Sports style is not just sporting, which makes us healthier and more attractive, it’s a lifestyle. And in order to feel it in full, you need a place or room for doing sports in a uniform manner. And it does not matter whether it’s sports cushions and chairs in the form of soccer balls, or wallpaper with a sports print – the main thing is that it was beautiful. You can also place in the room motivating inscriptions and pictures – this will help to not lose strength and confidence in yourself. Carefully plan the color gamut, this is very important, because many color palettes are completely inappropriate for playing sports and do not charge the right energy for exercise.


So, as you can see there is nothing difficult in equipping your own room or a corner for sports in the apartment. The main thing is to find a little space and decide on a set of sports equipment. Good luck to you and always be beautiful!