How to Keep a House Clean Every Day

How to Keep a House Clean Every Day of the Week

Modern interior styles have emerged thanks to our fast-paced information age. For active people, for whom time is one of the main resources, and a house is a place of relaxation, these styles are most suitable.

Modern interiors are optimized for cleaning: a minimum of furniture, closed and built-in closets, practical materials – all this helps to unload our attention after a busy day.


In public spaces with high traffic and street, dirt uses laminate and ceramic for floors and walls, bamboo wallpaper, anti-vandal paints. This is definitely a practical choice, but not for the home.

There are no problems with ceramic – a good material, completely environmentally friendly. But with laminate and interlining things are different. Laminate – shavings of paper or cardboard, combined with glue, which emits formaldehyde. This can be harmful to humans, especially when heated. In terms of aesthetics, at first glance, laminate is no different from parquet, but when you walk on the floor, the difference is felt.

Furniture facades

When you choosing facades for furniture, color is very important. There are almost no traces on white, and the easiest way to remove dirt with a damp cloth is on glossy facades.

If you prefer dark shades, keep in mind that fingerprints are more visible on glossy surfaces, so it is more practical to choose matte.

When choosing furniture facades, you should also think about shapes: smooth facades are more practical, and facades with panels should be wiped more often from dust. In fact, the different relief on the facades is like mini-shelves on which dust can settle.

How to organize storage?

Most of the time and effort during cleaning is spent on fighting dust on open shelves and other horizontal surfaces. For example, if the cabinets are not built into to ceiling, imagine how much dust accumulates at the top. There are a few simple rules:

  • Think about what should be kept in sight. This is usually something you use often. So often that it will be more difficult to open the locker door each time than to wipe the dust once a week. For such things, it is better to arrange one or two open shelves.
  • Closed cabinets should be provided for other items. It is better to make them built-in: plan the placement and build the necessary walls and niches. So you will not get separate cabinets that need to be wiped on all sides, but a wall with doors, where it will be enough to wipe only the facades, and not so often.
  • Clothes require a separate dressing room. A small room with completely open storage, where all the clothes are in sight – it’s convenient. Cleaning in the dressing room is often not necessary if you equip this space with humidifiers, an air filtration system, and a hood.

How do filtration and humidification systems help maintain cleanliness?

There are devices on sale that help reduce the amount of dust in the house. These are a variety of humidifiers, filters, air vents, as well as built-in ventilation systems with all these functions.

Humidifiers, for example, lower dust particles to the floor, which reduces the amount of dust that flies in the air. Dust filters used in residential interiors are electrical and contact. All of them can clean the air not only from dust but also from odors, smoke, and other pollutants.

Combined, these devices will help make your home cleaner, and you do not have to constantly clean.

If you buy the devices separately, it will be cheaper, but you will have to constantly add water to the humidifier and replace the filters on the dust collectors.

A more expensive solution is to install a comprehensive system with automatic water loading, filters that need to be changed no more than once every five years.

Do not forget about gadgets that can simplify the cleaning process

We have been actively using most of them for a long time:

  • A dishwasher is a necessary gadget that should be in every home. Washing dishes is not the most pleasant process, so if you did not have a dishwasher, be sure to buy one.
  • The robot vacuum cleaner of the new generation not only cleans but also unloads the accumulated garbage and gets charged.
  • Steam cleaner – a great device for cleaning tiles, plumbing, kitchen appliances without the use of chemicals. Vapor under pressure cleans surfaces and copes with odors and bacteria.
  • Electric dust brushes that attract dust through static electricity.
  • Compact portable vacuum cleaners. As a rule, vacuuming is long, difficult, and uninteresting. Small compact vacuum cleaners can be kept on hand to quickly clean a sofa or curtains.

Picture Credit: Unsplash