How to Create the Perfect Dressing Room

How to create a dressing room

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Do you dream about order and want to free the apartment from bulky cabinets and chests of drawers? Then you should think about how to organize a dressing room in your home. A complete storage space allows you to rationally place clothes, shoes and accessories. In fact, the dressing room is a versatile closet, in which you can go, select the necessary things and even change clothes.

How to make a dressing room: accommodation options

The dressing room has long been not considered a luxury and it can be organized even in a small apartment. To do this, you need to understand the basic principles of placement and layout, as well as choose the design of the dressing room.

Pantry, a former nursery, an unused study – all these rooms are perfect for fitting out a wardrobe. If there are no vacant rooms in the apartment, the dressing room can be built into the corner of a spacious bedroom. To do this, do not necessarily start a serious redevelopment, you can confine yourself to imitating a separate room.

Wardrobe systems: choice of furniture

Ideally, the design of the dressing room should correspond to the general style of the apartment or house. For wall decoration, you can use wallpaper, paint, decorative panels. On the floor it is better to put tiles, linoleum or carpet. It is also necessary to take care of the lighting in the room. It should be bright enough. For quick searching and convenient fitting of clothes, it is not advisable to highlight the niches and the mirror separately.

To save space, do not fill the room with the same shelf for storing things in the dressing room. Better to put the hangers in two levels: on the top you can place dresses and sarafans, on the bottom – skirts, trousers, jeans. Do not give up on the boxes. They can store underwear, socks and various trifles. For convenient storage of belts, scarves and ties, purchase or make a special organizer with your own hands.

There are not many shelves in the dressing rooms. Install them at different heights. Everyday clothes are recommended to be folded carefully at eye level, old sweaters, which are a pity to throw, it is better to store somewhere under the ceiling. Attach additional shelves near the mirror. On them, you can arrange brushes, combs and other small things.

Since the dressing room is used not only for storing things, but also for fitting them, do not forget about the furniture for the dressing room. Set it a comfortable sofa, an armchair or at least a chair. This will make you feel more comfortable in the process of changing clothes.

Wardrobe with their own hands. Recommendations for accommodation

There are many options for design rooms for storing things, but some rules for the arrangement should be observed in any planning.

  • The sizes of the dressing room. In order to accommodate everything necessary in the dressing room.
  • From the unpleasant odor helps to get rid of the ventilation system.
  • Men’s clothes are recommended to be kept separately from women’s. Consider also that in the women’s wardrobe of long things more.
  • To save space, use the entire space from floor to ceiling.
  • Special vertical shelves are the best option for storing shoes. Shoes for the season, place on the shelves, which are at eye level.
  • It is recommended to store the outer clothing near the exit.
  • Use the dressing room for the purpose. Do not breed a mess, do not clutter up space – storage in the dressing room likes order.

Wardrobe with their own hands. Recommendations for accommodation

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Children’s dressing room: features of the arrangement of the room

Children grow very quickly, and they sometimes have more things than their parents. It is unlikely that someone enjoys scattered around the apartment toys, pantyhose, socks and other trifles. With the advent of the children’s wardrobe room in the house begins to reign order. Its presence helps to discipline the baby, to teach him how to put everything in his place. In addition, the children’s dressing room can be used as a playroom.

Before installing a dressing room for a child, you should carefully consider what will be stored in it. It can be not only clothes and shoes, but also towels, books, toys and other items. All items should be designed to take into account the growth of your child. It will be advisable to make shelves with adjustable height.

The child should feel comfortable in his territory. Take care that he can easily get everything he needs. Install in the dressing room door-accordion, it folds a little book, so it’s easier to open. On the door you can hang organizers for toys.

It is not necessary to allocate a whole room for the children’s wardrobe. You can attach a bar to the wall, rationally hang clothes on the hangers and cover this device with a beautiful screen. Often, instead of a dressing room in a child’s room, put a wardrobe.

Many modern apartments are equipped with dressing rooms. However, it is possible to organize space for storing things independently. Watch the video tutorials on YouTube, look through the photos on specialized websites, read the tips of modern designers, and you will undoubtedly find the perfect option for your home.

With the advent of the cloakroom storage system in the apartment begins to reign order. It can contain all the things that for years were stored in cabinets, on the mezzanines, in the chest of drawers. The main thing is to organize everything correctly, compactly decompose and try to keep everything in its place.