How to Create a Laundry Room

How to Create a Laundry RoomAny hostess wants a well-equipped laundry room. After all in one small room it is possible to contain so much all necessary, having released thereby a place in the kitchen, in a bathroom and even a bedroom!

Do you think that the roof terrace is cool? But no, real luxury is a laundry room! Here you can not only wash and iron, but also take care of pets and indoor plants, do your favorite hobby and store the necessary equipment for all this.

Laundry room with an expanded set of functions needs a competent and thoughtful planning. Below, we will look at the main stages of design, which will help you navigate and understand how ultimately your laundry should look like.

1. Registration

Laundry room is not a pantry, which is enough for several shelves and light bulbs with a cord. Its interior should support and continue the design of the whole house, even if you need to hang a crystal chandelier, lay a carpet and pick up cabinets from solid oak.

2. The space

This room will almost certainly be used by all family members, so try to place public objects in the most easily accessible place. For example, a washing and drying machine for best use of them is best placed on a small platform. Next on the level of accessibility should be often used equipment (which again in the future will be used by all family members or most of it). Next, you perfectly understand themselves, the principle is one: the less often this is used, the further it should be located.

Let us consider the arrangement of the main functional zones3. Let us consider the arrangement of the main functional zones

Sink. It is better to arrange it either at the entrance itself or opposite it.

Washer. It would be great to place it directly under the countertop, on which you can sort out things before washing.

Drying machine (if needed). It is also better to place it under the countertop.

Ironing board and storage systems. Things before ironing it is good to store somewhere. As, actually, the board itself with the iron. If you are going to buy a flipchart that can be hidden in the closet in one go, be sure to make sure that its size will ensure you a comfortable interaction.

Image Credit: ErikaWittlieb