Helpful Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Tips To Extend The Life Of Your RoofThe roof serves as a protection for the entire house, so it is especially important to choose the right material for its covering. With the right choice of material, installation in compliance with all requirements and appropriate care, the roof made of metal will reliably serve about 50 years! The life of the metal roofs is affected by a number of factors, having studied which, you can take care of the longevity of the roof of your house.

1. Choose metal from high-quality steel
First of all, it is necessary to determine the quality of the steel sheet that was used to make the metal roof. Large manufacturing plants take care of their reputation, so only high-quality materials are used in production. Sheet steel is the basis of metal, and its quality will directly depend on the life of the finished product. On metal, made of high quality materials, a certificate of quality is required.

2. The thickness of the metal and the density of the zinc layer are of great importance
The second not less important parameter affecting the service life of the metal roof is the thickness of the steel sheet. If the sheet is too thin, the metal can be deformed during transportation, laying, or under the influence of weather conditions. And if you take too thick a sheet of steel, then its weight will significantly affect the bearing capacity of the beams, which can also eventually lead to deformation of the roof and the flow of the roof. You can step on the metal roof during installation, without deforming it, and at the same time it has a rather small weight.

3. Choose a polymer coating
Particular attention should be paid to the polymer coating. After all, it is his responsibility to protect the metal from mechanical damages and environmental influences. For roofing materials, special polymer coatings with stable strength characteristics have been developed.

4. It is necessary to ensure careful transportation of metal
In addition to choosing the technical characteristics of the metal roof, to prolong its service life it is also necessary to take care of the correct transportation of the roofing material. When loading in a car, the metal roof should be located only horizontally. Carry it in gloves (to avoid cuts with sharp edges) and without significant deflections, which can lead to deformation of the product.

5. It is necessary to ensure the correct installation of metal
An important factor affecting the service life of the metal roof is the correctness of its installation. When installing, follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is strictly forbidden to use electric cutting tools, which entails damage to the protective polymer layer. It is best to entrust the installation of metal roofs to professionals, then your roof will last much longer.

6. We comply with the rules of storage of metal
When buying a metal roof, it is not always possible to immediately install it. In this case, care should be taken for its proper storage. The metal roof should be positioned horizontally with spacers between the sheets. It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight, since subsequently it can be more difficult to remove the protective film from the sheets. On the surface of the metal, there should not be any foreign objects.

7. Proper care
Further, after the metal roof has already covered your roof, how much you want it to serve you, so many years after it and need care. Even some capital buildings have a design life of up to 50 years. And if you have covered the old building with metal roofing, then with proper care the roofing material will be out of use later than the building itself.

What kind of care is needed for metal roofing? Here are some simple tips how to extend the life of the metal roof:

  • Periodically it is necessary to inspect the coating. After a storm, a thunderstorm, hail on the roof, as a result of falling heavy objects, scratches or dents may form. Heavy branches need to be removed, scratches should be tinted. Also it is necessary to check the tightness of the roof, because, due to deformations in some places, seams can disperse. In fact, from the fall of heavy objects, a hurricane wind is not insured by any roof, except that the roof of the bunker. Metal tile in this regard has good strength, and the fall of individual tree branches usually does not harm it. Deformations are minor and do not affect the performance of the roof. Also, it is not necessary to paint all minor scratches immediately, as the galvanizing layer is additional to rusting with a protective layer of metal. In each case, the methods of care must be determined by the situation.
  • For preventive purposes, about once a year, it is necessary to inspect and clean the roof of metal roofing. The ideal time of year for this work is late autumn. During this period, you can not only get rid of the summer dust and dirt, but also remove all fallen leaves and twigs. You need to wash the roof from the side of the ridge to the eaves. For this, ordinary water and a soft rag or brush are used. To remove complex contaminants, you can use ordinary liquid soap.
  • If tall trees grow near the house, you need to prune their branches to avoid friction.

With properly selected metal roof and systematic care for it, the roof will serve you for many years.

Image credit: Done Rite Roofing