Creating a Safe, Healthy Bedroom for Your Family

Creating a Safe, Healthy Bedroom for YourWe spend a considerable time in the bedroom, so it is important to make this room as comfortable and safe as possible.

Even if you worked hard on the design of the bedroom, remember that under this beautiful facade may be hiding serious dangers that can cause harm to health. Read more about things that can harm you while you sleep, and learn how to deal with them.

Air quality

  • Open the windows
    If weather permits, keep the windows on airing all day. This will refresh the space and clean it of harmful fumes that can accumulate indoors for a long time.
  • Get indoor plants
    They not only decorate the bedroom: plants give off oxygen and help filter out harmful compounds in the air. Just choose the ones you do not have allergies for.
  • Buy a cleaner for air
    Even the most inexpensive cleaner is able to rid the room of dangerous pollutants and such allergens as dust mites, pollens and wool of domestic animals.

Cleanliness in the bedroom

  • Wipe the dust
    Pay special attention to those areas that tend to accumulate dust: floor, skirting, window sills, cornices, upholstery and curtains. Even the most neat people often forget about them.
  • Wash and clean bedding
    Here we are talking not only about bed linen, but also about bedspreads, pillows and mattresses. They accumulate dirt, dust and house dust mites that can cause allergies, asthma and acne. They are easy to get rid of if you change bedsheets, blankets and pillowcases every 1-2 weeks, and wash the pillows and covers every few months.
  • Air a bed
    Before you make the bed in the morning, let it get aired for a few minutes. The fact that house dust mites love the moist and warm environment, which at night is formed in our blanket, sheets and pillows. In addition, there are full of dead skin cells, which they feed on. Airing the bed does not allow microscopic mites to multiply.

Hidden toxins

  • Fountain or foam pillow
    Feathers are capable of causing allergies, and a foam-memory pillow contains volatile organic compounds that provoke headache, nausea, and eye irritation. Therefore, choose natural latex foam, foam rubber or natural materials, if you do not have allergies on them.
  • Fireproof mattress
    Given how much time you spend in close proximity to the mattress every day, it is important that it is as safe as possible. Refractory mattresses are impregnated with special chemicals that can do much more harm than good. Better buy an orthopedic mattress made of safe materials.
  • Abundance of machinery
    In a small apartment the bedroom often performs a double function: places for sleep and study. But office equipment must be kept away from the bed. Studies have shown that laser printers emit minute particles into the air. This can be dangerous.

Picture Credit: jeanvdmeulen