5 Simple Design Solutions That Turned Out to Be Ingenious

5 Simple Design Solutions That Turned Out to Be IngeniousDesigners create “clothes” for furniture – from warm materials with imitation of hand-knitted. We offer TOP-5 interesting solutions of moller, to unusual decorate your home.

Knitted pipe chair

Young English designer Vega Tankun – in 2016, she developed a project for knitted armchairs and wicker lamps, in the same year she created her own studio. Until now, the designer works with wicker “pipes” and knitted “loops“, decorating their interior items.

Lamp cap

German designers Anne Bauer and Jacob Brink also created their own studio, and their first “trick” was the “cap” of merino wool for the light bulb.

Bean bag from Nepal

Hand-made bean bags from Nepal, dressed in a hand-knitted cover, have become almost a classic. Such “clothes” are made of the finest New Zealand wool by Nepalese craftsmen. Inside the chair is filled with polystyrene foam balls. The product is assigned a number – thus it becomes unique.

Lamb stools

Also, the British “Claire Ann O’Brien” stool-lamb has become almost a classic. The designer came up with these stools for a long time, but to this day they are very popular. The seats are made of sheep wool, inside – polyester and foam rubber, and the legs – from ash.

Knitted carpets and coverings

It is also interesting that designers hand-knit, creating wallpaper and carpeting. Imitation knitted linen looks spectacular and creates comfort.

Picture Credit: Isabelle Taylor