11 Unusual Uses for Olive Oil

11 Unusual Uses for Olive OilOlive oil, the queen of the table in the southern countries, finds use mainly in the kitchen, but its beneficial properties are also great in other places, such as the bathroom. Discover unique ideas for using olive oil.

1. Olive oil as a hair mask
If you have dry, damaged hair, especially now when we said goodbye to the last rays of the sun, it is worth using a homemade hair mask based on warm olive oil with the addition of lemon juice and one capsule or a few drops of vitamin E. You can also mix 2 tablespoons of olive oil one egg yolk and a little bit of conditioner you use every day. Put the prepared mixture on the tips, cover with food foil and towel, and then rinse after min. 30 minutes. Do this once a week and keep beautiful, healthy hair.

2. Hydration of the body with olive oil
A few tablespoons of oil added to the bath will make your body soft and moisturized without the need for a balm.

3. Olive oil acts as a conditioner for cuticles and nails
If your nails are weak and the skins around dry and cracked, treat them with a bath of warm olive oil for 10-15 minutes a day.

4. Balsam / dressing for the body with oil
You can use olive oil for the body as a balm or for irritated skin, for example after shaving. If you are bothered by the smell of oil, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

5. Olive oil as massage oil
Instead of buying olives with artificial ingredients, heat the olive oil with the addition of essential oil and enjoy the natural massage oil.

6. Olive oil for cleaning and polishing wooden furniture
Wooden furniture loves oiling, so instead of artificial cleaning products, choose an eco-friendly way. All you need is lemon juice (or vinegar) and olive oil in the ratio of 1: 2. Mix polished furniture with this mixture and enjoy their natural gloss. This is the perfect way to polish old, damaged wooden equipment.

7. Unhooking help
Ugly traces of adhesive from the patch, stickers etc. they will come off a lot easier if you cover them with oil, and then lightly scrape off or take off with a cloth.

8. Makeup remover
Wash the makeup with olive oil, removing dirt with a microfiber cloth. Then wash your face with a washing gel. So clean your skin with a tonic, then apply your favorite cream. Full care will provide a fresh and radiant complexion.

9. Olive oil will cleanse the skin
You will clean the skin of the car, bags and shoes quickly and well, splashing on them and rubbing a few drops of olive oil. Remember that oil darkens the color, so be careful when treating light skin.

10. Oil will remove stains from grease and paint
Stains from grease or paint that you like to appear on your hands during renovation or DIY work, will be leveled with oil and sugar or salt. Rub the oil several times in your hands to achieve the desired effect.

11. Olive against aphids and spider mites
If you notice single aphids or spider mites on plants in your home, use olive spray with the addition of dissolved gray soap (or a small amount of dishwashing liquid). However, do not let the oil cover the whole surface of the leaves.

Picture Credit: Roberta Sorge