10 Impressive Benefits of Drinking Water

10 Impressive Benefits of Drinking WaterEveryone knows that water is the basis of life, not only for humans, but for the entire planet. A simple chemical compound, like H2O, has not yet been studied, and a simple colorless liquid remains the most mysterious and mysterious substance.

Water does not contain vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, the beneficial properties of water, which have a beneficial effect on the body, can be listed endlessly.


• Despite the absence of nutrients in the body, they receive all the cells of the human body.

• Water normalizes metabolic processes in a living organism.

• Slags and toxins are discharged with water.

• Water stimulates the brain and increases the elasticity of blood vessels.

• The water temperature in the body can not overheat much or cool.

• Water normalizes digestive processes and boosts immunity.

• Water is a natural joint lubricant.

• Adequate water intake reduces the development of cardiovascular diseases.

• Water relieves headaches.

• Water improves skin, nails and hair.


Most often, mineral water is advertised as the only “living” source for our body. The composition of the mineral water includes a large amount of salts. Therefore, it is necessary to take it as a medicine – metered. If there is a risk, and claims to “get” stones in the gall bladder and kidneys.

The use of boiled water remains a controversial issue to this day. It is not known that we have substances hazardous to the body and various microbes. The results of many studies have proven that short-term boiling. For example, the hepatitis A virus can be “killed” only after a 30-minute boil.

It was not possible to solve the problem of the destruction of metals, phenols and petroleum products, nutrients growing in water, such as magnesium and salts, and have a beneficial effect on the walls of containers, forming a patina.

Despite the fact that after boiling the water becomes softer than tap water, nevertheless, according to many experts, such water is “dead”, capable of being misused (for example, diluted boiled water is raw or repeating boiling) significant harm.

Of course, in cases where there is no confidence in the quality of water consumed, boiling makes sense, but it is better to try to include in your diet water purified by various filters.

In addition, if it is possible to use spring water, which is self-cleaning by soil soils, all its beneficial properties are retained.

Spring water is not inferior in its useful properties and melt water.


The use of water has certain rules, thanks to which it is possible not only to prevent, but also to cure many diseases. For example:

• Daily eating on an empty stomach 30 minutes before a meal is a kind of “washing out” of the body, which is no less useful than brushing your teeth.

• The use of the same portion of water is necessary before each meal. Drinking it is also desirable for half an hour to prepare the digestive system for work.

• Very often the imaginary feeling of hunger is nothing but a feeling of thirst. Therefore, you should try to drink a glass of pure water and, perhaps, you will understand that the feeling is filled with a feeling of hunger with the desire to drink. It is dehydration that often leads to obesity.

• Drinking water during a meal and immediately after it is categorically not recommended, since water has a reduced effect on the gastrointestinal tract, which leads to a violation of proper digestion of food. Only after 40 minutes you can drink water, thereby replenishing stocks of digestive juices.

• It is recommended to drink a glass of water, because the sleep time the water evaporates during breathing.

• It is recommended to drink water before exercise.

Picture Credit: Baudolino